Businesses will get to spy on you WITHOUT consent again!



Nobody asks the cows at slaughterhouse, whether they agree to be executed, nor are death row prisoners in the backward regions like the U.S. asked, whether they want to be executed, including “treason” commiters like the various former spies, including the Edward Snowden, who is a hero in my subjective view. If people spent all that time and effort that they currently spend on reading and writing about the activities of the supermafiosi, essentially villains in Washington, on enforcing their interests with technical means, then psychologists like the Philip Zimbardo would be the only ones, who find the activity of the Washington villains of any interest.

As a matter of fact there exists even a Washington based duo of musicians, who named their music business project: “Thievery Corporation”. Nice music, truly captures the vibe of a whole huge city that, as one Washington think-tank CEO put it, “Washington is a one-industry town, where the input is ideas and the output is laws.” Just imagine: the whole Washington actually runs on tax money, money that is extorted from businesses around the U.S. against their will. Or you say that small businesses, freelancers and profit-hungry CEO-s of megacorporations pay taxes because they want to have a smaller bottom line?

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Could you read this blog post by the creator of the SAFE Network -

I watched the Ted Talk you posted and I think you are under the impression evil is behind this project in some way shape or form.

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Thank You for the answer.

Evil? Differences in vision is sufficient. Both, the vision about security and the vision about social arrangements. But, I do admit that the MaidSafe founder is a fine marketing guy.