Business Reform

I’ve noticed that Jeremy Corbyn has started down the business reform path. I think its fantastic. States suck in a lot of ways but all this state reform BS hides real issue we’ve had for so long in the world and it hides the path to possibly the single greatest quality of life improvement we can make. Think of it as a technology if you like.

Business reform is desperately needed. Admittedly ‘reform’ is a silly conservative word that is
code for screwing people but business reform gets at the essence of the problem with current business.
The current essence of business culture is about giving stupid people (current business people) more power
in a necessarily zero sum way as that power is always intended to be stolen from everyone else.

Business reform below with other potential meme like buzz words or quips including:

dirty natural gas*
business reform
climate security
puppet media

*When it comes to, it will always be politically dirty and retrograde and even in
its sequestered form it will be “still dirty natural gas” because it still involves
fracking and will still have 10% leaks at best. The point is to go carbon neutral,
not simple decrease the rate of increase.