Business: Home Server Solution & SAFE

Hi all

I have been thinking about starting up a business selling and perhaps installing home servers.

My issue is I am not by nature a technical person as compared with some of the people here, meaning that in my personal life people would probably say I am fairly technical, I can understand and even build or fix different things, and for the past decade plus I have worked in technology companies as support and technical type roles however I wouldn’t say I am a natural. I have skills in other areas that are far more natural to me.

As far as my reading into news and forecasts goes most homes in the near future will have some type of home server connecting all of the homes devices, IoT, phones and probably offering storage of media as well as being networked and accessible both inside and outside of the home.

Currently my understanding is that most people do not currently own a home server. The people most likely to own and run a home sever are gamers, business people, artists and people involved in media, programmers and developers and early adopters.

I would want to explore a few different solutions be they NAS, Traditional File Servers, Cloud-Based File Server.

There would be different ways to enter into this market. I could enter and begin selling already existing solutions and be more of a consultant/retailer/installer or I could look to manufacture or assemble my own solution or a combination of those.

Where SAFE comes in: If I can set this thing up now and have units out in the field buzzing away with an existing customer list, the step from there to offer a “secure cloud-like” storage solution via SAFE is not that great. I could approach customers and offer setup of their data onto SAFE and also even educate them on the benefits of farming the network.

The benefits for the network are obvious.

Bringing this post full circle, my issue is in the technical side of things. If anyone reading this is interested to discuss, help out, or anything really please reply or message me.

In terms of capital, there are resources available and different ways of doing this, we can discuss further.

I am in Melbourne, Australia BTW.

Thank you

EDIT - I am not sure why this has posted as under “CEP” I simply wanted to post in community ideas. It is now asking for votes…this was not my intention. CEP and community ideas are not mutually exclusive topics.