Bush Admin being behind 911 now the global consensus?


If the majority of the people in the world strongly suspect or outright think the Bush Administration was responsible for 911 is it still a conspiracy or is it consensus? If it is the global consensus now having it become known as such, instead of a being branded a quack conspiracy theory, may be the best shot at having it investigated and avoiding a repeat or continuation. If there is culpability and a building consensus against them bad actors would predictably seek a distraction or follow on tragedy. There is a role for polls on systems like MaidSafe assuming shills could be weeded and solid statistical claims could be made and disseminated.

My sense of what happened hasn’t changed from the instant I heard the buildings went down. Having a major building that wasn’t hit by anything collapse in a controlled manner only added to my suspicions. As did having that collapse end up pre-announced by the BBC.

The resulting staggering loss of life and damage to stability is on going. Even in the US its been the excuse for massive hits to quality of life and rights assertions. It kicked the security state into high gear or at least brought it out of the closet. Stuff like “Total Info Awareness” which was slated to be scrapped is now real in the vein the movie “Enemy of the State.” Sorry to keep going back to the American situation but its possible that 911 and the Bush Admins in hits to wages, tax inequity and cost of living could have set the average American back by a few hundred thousand dollars or more. Add in damage to the environment etc.

Hints of consensus or impending consensus:
Early on I heard one EU man remark that he thought it was amazing American’s didn’t immediately suspect the government as that was surely what would happen in the EU under similar circumstances given history.

Right after 911 a book suggesting the Bush Admin was responsible was a best seller in France.

Not long ago a poll done in Germany found that 90% of Germans thought the Bush Admin was responsible

F911 which basically points the finger at the Bush Admin is apparently now the highest grossing documentary of all time.

Ramsey Clark a former US Attorney General wants the Bush Admin investigated for 911 and apparently strongly feels members of the BA were very likely culpable/responsible, he still wants 911 investigated - he started indictbush.org He’s wanted that from the beginning but hasn’t wavered as far as I know.

With time and consideration the opinion in American may well have shifted strongly. After Iraq 2 and Katrina, its quite plausible to me that even in America, a majority of people might well admit they suspect or strongly suspect the Bush Admin. Early on denial was in effect but they may have had enough time and distance now to be clearer. It wouldn’t surprise me to find Bush Admin culpability likely a consensus among world leaders nor a surprise to find the majority of the world’s population thinks the Bush Admin did it.

I think the court of public opinion has already convicted the Bush Admin of 911 if not yet consciously then unconsciously with impending revelation. Such consensus may have been the case early on with the left especially behind he scenes, but after Katrina and getting caught lying us into a 2nd Iraq it may well be the case with more people on the right in the US as well.

Some, like Chomsky have expressed public doubts about the Bush Admin being capable of pulling off 911. Chomsky has expressed doubts suggesting there was too much to choreograph to pull it off. But I can’t be alone in thinking it was sloppy, transparent and obvious. Per F911 50000 gag orders issued right after with many aimed at Federal employees. Sounds like choreography of a sort. Chomsky doesn’t go light on the BA for wars of aggression as the highest crimes against humanity under Nuremburg. Chomsky may simply not want to stoke antisemitism or have his reputation caught up in 911 or become a target.

I’ve always been concerned the reason we didn’t see more of investigation was not just death threats, gag orders and demonstrated untimely deaths like Wellstone’s but cornered tiger behavior. Look at the threats issues over closing Gitmo or pulling out of Iraq. It may well be that Iraq oil is now in the ground in Texas (have to ship it one way or another) but foreclosing on a bad legacy so it can’t be deemed a success is part of preventing a repeat and today we are caught up in ISIS type stuff suggesting what brought us 911 is still alive and kicking instead of being uprooted. Also the powers claimed by Bush are still claimed by Obama. As Bush was leaving office one of his CIA officials was claiming a big one would go off within the US within 5 years guaranteed. Does that sound responsible, sounds like more 911 insanity.


It would be a consensus. The consensus would have no bearing or relevance as to whether it was a conspiracy or not though. In order to decide whether it’s a conspiracy or not, actual evidence of such would have to be presented - in the absence of such evidence, the assumption must be that it is a “conspiracy theory”.
If you are proposing that it was an actual conspiracy, then the following claims such as “having that collapse pre-announced by the BBC” etc would have to be substantiated in some way to give any credence to the claims, otherwise it is just hearsay:

So was the Da Vinci Code…


That business about the timing of the BBC announcement if not accurate may be the most pernicious and biggest urban legend ever. Semantically you points about “conspiracy” are apt but you know what I mean where something dismissed with a sneer suddenly becomes what everyone tends to think. Hypothetically If such a shift were to recede too far into the past an opportunity to recognize it and benefit from the recognition could be lost. It would be political capital- what a funny notion. In the US is always about trying to say money is not connected to politics its just speech or something innocent.

I guess I am asking if the state or presumed shadow governments or transnational elites etc.- are they losing control of the narrative? If so why? Is it blogs? Are they sufficient even without the tech like MaidSafe? To me taking back the narrative and giving more power to ordinary people to generate or select among narratives seems to be either a marker for or a necessary step toward “decentralized society”


Warren… Just shut up already


Best to just ignore. Try not to let your emotion disrupt the thread or the community.


@al kafir with regard to the davinci code that points at the merovingian heresy or an attempt to revive the devine right of Kings mentality, its an entitled elites message.

But what is next, a war on Tesla? Remember Romney calling it a loser in the presidential debates? Rule by oil has to end. Are we still going to be running gasoline powered cars in 2050? That would be proof that allowed a system where money is the only power instead of reversing that idiocy.


Lol… I’m not going to defend the Da Vinci code and all heresy is absolutely fine by me along with all blasphemy , which I can’t recommend enough (look at my name…lol).
I assume you are referring to theocratic elites which fortunately appear to be a dying breed in the West: This does exclude England though, (where I live) where the divine rights of Kings is still alive and kicking. - As an aside, as far as I know, England/UK is the only country in the world apart from Iran that has a theocratic element to it’s government (by way of having 26 un-elected bishops sitting in the house of Lords).
Anyway, I only used that particular book as an example of a work of fiction - after all it is based on the (very likely) fictional character of Jesus and his blood-line. The general stories told of the Merovingians too is largely fictional (I know they existed, but very little actual historical record).
Incidentally, so called blood lines (sang real - or royal blood for example) are notoriously unreliable in tracing ancestry - genetics does not work in such a simple way: Every individual’s pattern of descent can be traced not just from 1 person, but in fact, untold millions. Any person with grand ideas of ancestral nobility is in biological terms, deluded. Any individual passes only half their DNA onto each child - after 10 or so generations any section of double helix has a very limited chance of being passed on.
It is also plain daft when people claim to have Irish or Scottish blood, as it just doesn’t work that way genetically. For example, maybe 1 in 20 people in Britain is blood group B, whereas in parts of India it would be 1 in 3 - does that mean a B group English person has “Indian” blood? - interestingly, over 99% of Chinese are Rhesus Positive by the way.
Anyway, the point is that the divine right of kings is bollocks basically, on so many levels.
As I live in UK, I don’t remember what Romney said, but agree with the rest of your post. Cheers


Sorry I meant to preface by suggesting that bringing up that book was appropos as it fits with nwo and pnac type propaganda. Look out special enlighted people are working behind the scenes bow down in awe etc. In the US Stetson Kennedy took down the KKK with ridicule. That stuff needs ridicule.


Ah.I see I personally think we’re back to conspiracy theories with the New World Order, however the Project for the New American Century, ( the think tank that advocates American world leadership - for those that don’t know) appears to still be influencing American policy. Ridiculing the KKK is a laudible thing to do, but I don’t myself see the connection with genetically inherited elite status that you do really.


Bush 1 actually uttered “NWO” and steps to bring it on in a presidential speech. That probably put it on the map. PNAC didnt help it go away. The myth in the fourth book of the Da Vinci code (climax of the series) is in line with the other stuff above re-asserts the illogical notion that Euro Royalty and transnational elite progeny is more directly related to Christ (closer to God an obvious extension of divine will.)

Nonsense on its face even without the bioscience perspective- just like the earlier divine right of kings. Its sponsored propaganda and was apparently effective on the “moral majority” voter block. Bush the mesiah.