Building and running safe_vault on linux amd64

hi im trying to build and run safe_vault using rustup on a linux amd64 machine. the result is after ./safe_vault nothing happens (not even any error messages are output to shell). the following is the procedure and i would like to know what am i doing wrong.

$ curl -sSf | sh
HOME/.cargo/env source HOME/.cargo/env rustup default nightly
rustup update git clone
cd safe_vault cargo build
cd target/debug/ ./safe_vault

there is no output and no process is started. i have also forwarded 5483 tcp port (is this the right one) to this machine and have not touched the safe_vault.*.config files yet. any ideas?

It is not live yet
Wait for Alpha 2


thank you for your answer.

i ran it with more debug info enabled and i see that it cant bootstrap itself because, as i understand, the boostrap server is enabled during testnet phases.

$ RUST_LOG=info ./safe_vault
INFO 16:48:16.668341107 [safe_vault]
Running safe_vault v0.14.0
INFO 16:48:19.723199188 [routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(c9bc96…) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.

is there a way to run it locally with two nodes talking to each other just to see how it works?

Check out this thread:

The search function is quite useful, try it out sometime :slight_smile:

PS: please read the whole thread

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