Building a site that stores data - what language?


there are some site that allow users to upload data and it is stored like this:


What language is used to store the data? After clicking the upload button it allows you to enter text. Where is this data submitted and what language gets the text and stores it?

Is there a tutorial for this?

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Welcome to the SAFE community.

It’s hard to tell exactly what your question means.

Check out

It’s a very good, high-level overview of how the network is designed. If you have further questions after looking that over, you’ll be able to frame them in a more relevant way.

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I mean if it was an MVC app you could use C# to take the data and store it somewhere.

What would you use here to take the data entered in the form and store it somewhere?

Sorry. I see you’ve been around for longer than I got from your question.

I’m not much on the nuts-and-bolts side, so I’ll have to defer to the geeks on this one as I’m not sure I understand your question.

All Listy SAFE sites data is stored in a JSON format in a Mutable Data Structure, for more information on the SAFE Network API I would recommend the SAFE API Overview and beaker-plugin-safe-app
for developing using Javascript API.

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There is also the API for the Core libraries in Rust, which you can find here.
A C Sharp (for on mobile: Xamarin) and also a Java library are in the pipeline.