Builders: Most popular dev languages


Going off of our last Safe pod hangout… please post the top languages you will be working with so the core devs can get a better understanding of what app builders will be working with for API wrappers!

Once we get a top 5 list, I’ll make this into a poll.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Poll: Most popular dev languages

Top languages I will be working with or that I’m comfortable working with today?
Today: Javascript, C#
Would like all APIs be available through REST calls. I have not listened to the latest POD yet so I might be off context.
Future: Javascript, Nodejs, C#


I can certainly give a few suggestions for languages:

  • C++ - Hey you got Qt.
  • Java Droid - Take out the 80+ % smartphone coverage with that in it’s native lang
  • Obj C - take out the balance(nearly) of mobile phones and tablets. Don’t forget the OSX desktops
  • .Net(C#) - VB can port from C# anyways. Get some native Win support with WPF/ASP
  • JS(JavaScript) - Nodejs, well it’s just JS anyways with some modules :slight_smile:

Not really sure about how TypeScript and stuff fare

You can always have some scripting languages too:

  • Python - Well just cos we don’t want to leave them out. kidding


  • C - Enuff said I guess, could almost go to all them above languages from this(with some effort).

Ports to different languages

Mmm, wrapping all our APIs as COM objects starts to look even more sensible. RESTful APIs are a cinch to auto-generate from COM type libraries for example. You also gain reasonably easy language support for everything above if we were to write a COM type library to SWIG interface file converter.





I’ll work with Haxe, it can compile to a lot of languages, like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript and even Python and Php. It is statically typed language so the compiler does a lot of work for you during compilation.

Also with libs like openfl and Kha it can target a lot of platforms, like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.