BTC-E Siezed by US Law Enforcement


yeah and the US took $5k from me in the process :cry: but it’s my fault I made myself vulnerable. to that


Oh no. Is there any way you can get them back eventually? Do you have private keys? Surely they can’t legally take everyone’s funds stored there…

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nobody ever has private keys for an exchange,

I wouldn’t be surprised, the US govt is using lots of evil terms to describe everyone who transacted on BTC-e, villifying everyone, justifying the major theft of all our BTC.

i was stupid to leave it vulnerable to being hacked / overthrown by the US Govt, and they did it, so can’t blame anyone but myself.

Yeah that’s certainly the current political climate - brand everyone as ‘evil doers’. That’s a lot to lose. I’d be gutted. You may be lucky if enough people kick up a fuss though. You haven’t got anything on Polo have you? - looks like that might be going down too.

been moving things off as quickly as possible. $2k limit per day, tomorrow is the last day I’ll need, to be completely finished. Lessons lessons to learn… >:(

I have many thoughts on this - but don’t want to publish all them on the internet… I will say very very scary…and should be illegal

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Sorrry looks like the person who started the thread on bitcointalk is fishy:

But I also read this:

So keep an eye out maybe you can get your coins back, good luck and keep up your good work. :sob:


I just saw this thread. I’m so, so sorry for your loss!
For what it’s worth, they say everybody will be reimbursed here:
"Для всех кто нас похоронил, напомню, сервис всегда работал на доверии и мы за это готовы отвечать.
Средства будут возвращены всем!"
Why that comment is directed at “everybody who buried us”, I don’t understand.
Why do you @19eddyjohn75 think the person posting that is fishy?


I just looked at bitcointalk at the trust status
"Warning: Trade with extreme caution!"

They are both legendary + the warning above = I don’t know anymore, please let me off the hook…


This looks like an interesting development - perhaps a hopeful sign?

BTC-e also aired the intention to issue a new token, dubbed “BTE,” in an effort to return funds to users. Customers would be refunded as the exchange buys back those tokens from the market – echoing how Bitfinex repaid its users following a $60 million hack last summer.

interesting? I think

Yo bro it is back (sort of), unfortunately you can only check your balance & chat.

Read all about it!

Hopefully they’ll do an Bitfinex IOU…


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tried to login, and absolutely nothing…

huge phishing site??

Ooooh I should have said this first, ONLY TRY TO LOGIN IF YOU HAD 2FA ENABLED ON THE OLD SITE. Coindesk does confirm that they loggedin through a vpn and that it (seems) legit.

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From coindesk

though it appears that users in some parts of the world, including the U.S., are not able to log in

Part of that plan, as reported at the time, involves the launch of a debt token aimed at recouping some of the losses for users.


but Im in Malaysia

and yeah I have 2FA