BSV and Craig Wright

Have any developers considered having the Safe Network operated over or in conjunction with BSV? I believe that BSV would be an ideal platform for a paid internet platform. Anyone working on this?

Let’s hope not


Thanks for Answering. What do you know about BSV and why do you hope not?

Aside from being associated with Faketoshi, I know it has a misguided scaling approach.


Hmmm? I disagree with your assessment. So you are a small blocker? Is that Correct? Craig is Satoshi and he is proving it in court, and if you ever listen to him, he is sheer genius. I don’t know why developers dislike him so much, you should go to and watch the New York conference, you might think differently once you educate yourself. Thanks again for your reply. Good Luck with Maid Safe, what they are trying to accomplish is already being done with BSV.

Lewis Withey

Correct, anything associated with that imbecile should be discarded.

Would be a sad world if “Mr I will sue anyone in the world” is the brains behind bitcoin…

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He’s defending his property rights, the developers hi-jacked BTC. The code of BSV is set in stone and can’t be altered legally, it is a stable platform / foundation for Businesses to build on, and yes it is totally transparent unlike ETH BTC etc… I’m sorry if I disagree but he’s not just bringing suit to anyone. We’ll both will see how it washes out, but the Crypto world out there thinks that Laws don’t matter, and that Code is Law I’ve heard it all, however I assure you the “Crypto” industry is in for a huge surprise coming down the pipes. BSV is compliant with the Laws of the Lands, and BSV has more transactions per second at times then the entire “Crypto” ecosystem combined. It’s Miners make more money, transaction costs are extremely low. Have you seen what has been going on with game development, VR/IR. It scales infinitely and is a whole lot faster, check out view some of the meetings at the conferences and get the real scoop. You might just learn to ignore the Satoshi bologna and see what the network is doing and what it is capable of.

It is the ultimate Truth machine, which a lot of developers don’t like.

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Well all I can say is that the price is being held artificially low because of the developers and exchanges trying to block it out. However people that invest in Crypt only see price, they don’t see function. Watch and Learn my friend.

Regardless of Craig Wright “truth”, the Safe Network has it’s own token and is it’s own platform - a far more capable platform than any that has come before. Craig Wright, if a genius, would be smart to look into moving BSV onto Safe Network via DBC’s and remove all limits to their token.


You know that won’t happen, most alts its all about sitting on that stash and waiting out until it clouds! (hate the term moon… )

Sure, they spruce that Mentra about revolutionizing technology and changing the world, but in most cases it’s all about greed.

If it wasn’t, all those teams would work together, rather than create their little Fort Knox.

Lisk is a prime example where the owner cashes out huge chunk of lisk into his personal coffers when the price goes up …

I’ve been following MAID since 2014, I love their Vision, and hope that it comes to fruition. Thanks for the conversation and Best to you.


With the greatest respect, I hope Craig Wright and BSV have nothing to do with SAFE because it would bring all his toxic energy. As far as I’m concerned he is a con man and acts nothing like the alturistic Satoshi displayed in the early days.

If he really was Satoshi, he wouldn’t need to prove it because there is no need for him to be known. It is better off he isn’t known.


I don’t think he’d get involved - Craig’s ego won’t allow it – at least not until the Safe Network sucks the life out of most other forms of money/crypto and everyone is involved with Safe.