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I’m having an odd problem with images that I thought was fixed, hence trying again to check.

I created both safe://knot and safe://the.odyssey today but neither working well and I thought safe://bike was working a couple of days back but today is fractured in the way posted previously.

I wonder is there a sense that when the network is busy that it’s skipping elements of the downloads… the mobile browser oddly suggests after a long time that Error data not found safe://the.odyssey where in parallel on the desktop it was seemingly part downloaded… this is a gif of stars that skips in the same way as safe://eye.eye was doing. safe://knot is that 41MB test that likely is too large for looking at.

Possible that I’m confused and these older sites were working on the mobile and still not on the desktop… but at least it’s odd that the mobile suggested data not found and the desktop part downloaded and displayed… for the safe://the.odyssey that is.

Equally I wonder that the network doesn’t fail to come up with the data… but on my sometimes lagging connection here I wonder the browsers time out. I don’t know a way to know how much of the size they have downloaded… would that be in a log file perhaps?

Tired and confused… is there a cure for that :slight_smile:

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Yes beer and this

So, wondering what this was, I looked at the process and wondering that desktop safe-browser renderer flags are suggested as both --enable-blink-features and --disable-blink-features.

I’m sure that is not why the .gifs are blinking!.. but that’s where I’m at.


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