British Labor Party Leader Corbyn: Bush behind 911

So there it is. Along with calling for war crimes prosecution of Tony Blair it looks like the truth is starting to come out on 911.

Cameron has been so dismissive as has the captured sponsored British Media behind him, but I think Mr. Cameron and the rest of the conservatives don’t get the level of contempt and disgust that the bulk of their people seem to have for them, to the point of being happy if most of them were jailed. I think they don’t get that the British people see them as thieves and liars really criminals out to take everything from them. Some in the conservative party do get this but it seems but it seems they are very much in the minority.

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This guy is debunking all the debunking theories out there. To some people a surprise, but to me quite logical. Or do you really think that an American president has the power to call a certain phone nr. and ask for an attack on his own country?

This stuff is BS. All you need is building 7 a much newer building collapses from a fire at around the same time but after BBC announces that it’s already collapsed. 911 was the biggest piece of obvious sloppy BS in history. And yes a US President very much seems to have been in on it. It was just the fuse to lie us into Iraq. Pathetic. Remember this was the Bush Admin, gunning down journalists in Iraq, lying us into that war, prosecuting whistle blowers, 50000 gag orders issued after 911 mostly issued against Federal employees, Bush ignoring warnings on lead up to 911, getting us into torture and defending it, doing PRISM, not allowing the full 911 report to be shown, stuff still redacted, BA is still accused by the family members of the victims. Remember secret energy commissions with Dick Cheny over fracking. Remember Bush in the my pet goat scenes?

Remember who thinks he did it not just truthers but Ramsey Clark US attorney General, Bush’s chief Labor economists resigned when he understood it was the BA, also the General in Charge of Air Force Intelligence and another prosecutor Vincent Burgliosi. We also have Aaron Russo saying Nick Rockerfeller told him it was going to happen ahead of time. And now it seems the head of the British Labor Party. And it seems the global consensus is the BA did it from early on. There was a survey done in Germany (where people suffered through the burning of a Reichstag) 9 out 10 believed it was the BA. In France right after it happened a best seller stating it was false flag crap came out. There was also shorting activity and some of that stuff traced back to people in the US defense industry. The simple footage in Moore’s F911 was pretty damning. Where was Bush senior when the buildings were going down? In a Carlisle group building watching it like a foot ball game waiting for stock to rise. 180 Bin Ladin family members shipped out of US by FBI after 911within 3 days with no questioning. During the Obama admin where is Bin ladin? Bush lets him get away and Obama kills him so he can’t stand trial and the seals who supposedly did it end up dead? This was as phony as the supposed sponsored media journalists killings recently. Think also about Silverstein with the “pull it comments.”

If we don’t catch and expose these clowns finally we can expect another so they can try to strip away more rights and make it easier to strip away rights the next time after that. These people who would lie us into a war for oil are now facing the extinction of their industry and its profit, what will they do to keep it alive? This is simple misinformation, The NIST report was a joke. Check out other modern sky scrapers that burned, they don’t collapse sprinklers or not. Sorry 2000 architects wouldn’t have been tricked by this stuff even early on. BA didn’t let people examine wreckage and hauled it off. Check out operation Northwoods. People are innocent until proven guilty but with the BA I always felt it was them from the instant I was aware of 911. Worldcom, Enron, dotcom bubble, getting rid of bankruptcy protections and usury protections. The strong arming of the UN, saying it would be irrelevant the pawing of Collin Powell the outing of Valerie Plame the 2008 bubble. 911 itself, Katrina and all the fraud that entailed.

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Just take a look at this video, I can reply to all the points you make but he does it in this video about building 7. It’s under 10 minutes, you should really take a look at it.

I added comments above. I did watch that. I don’t find it convincing. The WTC 3 three is new to me, I am skeptical about never having heard of it before although its all over the net now. It looks like stuff that might have been added later or is being emphasized now as to contradict the controlled demo narrative where only 3% of causalties were allowed- important people ushered away that day, some people made to stay, not allowed to leave so they would have enough causalties to make it seem real and to justify invasion and phony war narrative very much like gulf of Tonkin, and latter Nixon promising a better prace settlement if the Vietnames delayed peace negotiations and prolonged the war and then once elected refused to allow peace negotiations. Same stuff- Nixon proteges doing in the US what the did around the world. Iran Contra etc., And Sadam using the chemical weapons the US sold him.

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