British imperialism

TBH I thought you Scots stopped using English a long time ago. :happybeing:

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Actually we never did. Both countries adopted a form of Low German which developed in parallel. Then following the genocides of the mid 1700-1800s there was (and remains) a cultural hegemony assault on all things Gaelic and Scots except that which could be employed and hijacked as kitsch. MY grandmother was belted for speaking Gaelic at school. She had been mono-lingual until 11. As a result of this she never taught my mother Gaelic and so I missed out on that, my culture diminished and ridiculed by “our betters”
In my own time I have seen classmates physically punished for daring to use Scots as opposed to Std English. This of course was as much class warfare as anything.
There are two parallel languages, one of which is under constant threat and ridicule, often disguised as “banter”. Its not going away. Deal with it and respect it.

you have no idea how lucky you are that I am in a particularly good mood today.


It’s good to hear first-hand about some of the horrors in Scotland, not just e.g. Ireland. Thank you, @Southside.


Sing all you like, but what really hurts them is the “nul point” they just got in Eurovision.
The rest of the world is pissing themselves.

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0 point from the jury and the public. Brexit or badly received song? Probably both. Always the same style of music the last years, if I remember correctly.
I hope the Italian singer hasn’t drunk too much for singing a 2nd time.

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I haven’t a clue, I never watch it. Im trusting the majority of reports on Twitter :slight_smile:

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The biggest piss take of all is being duped into any form of participation in that EBU derived propagandist cesspit of a production…scoring a single point is nothing for anyone anywhere to be proud of…sadly still celebrated by eejits everywhere whilst year after year the real winners are the international perception management team - this time they enjoyed even greater success - distracting the masses from an impending global economic collapse and the dangers of nanotech infested depop deathshots probably already circulating round the systems of the vast majority of voters and veiwers…its tragic.

"…'Come Out, Ye Black and Tans’ tops many ‘Best Irish rebel songs of all time’ lists…

If you’ve never heard of the Black and Tans, they were British constables that were recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary during Ireland’s War of Independence.

They quickly earned a reputation for police brutality. The Black and Tans were known to regularly attack civilians.

This song is by The Wolfe Tones – these lads are arguably the most prolific of Ireland’s Irish rebel bands – and it tends to be one of the most popular Irish drinking songs out there…"

(Come Out Ye Black and Tans: Think you know what it’s about? You probably don’t) :shamrock:

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