Britain has passed the 'most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy'

Britain has passed the ‘most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy’

The UK has just passed a massive expansion in surveillance powers, which critics have called “terrifying” and “dangerous”.

The new law, dubbed the “snoopers’ charter”, was introduced by then-home secretary Theresa May in 2012, and took two attempts to get passed into law following breakdowns in the previous coalition government.

Four years and a general election later – May is now prime minister – the bill was finalized and passed on Wednesday by both parliamentary houses.

But civil liberties groups have long criticized the bill, with some arguing that the law will let the UK government “document everything we do online”.


I’m so not surprised. A few years ago, when I worked in the UK for about a year, I was surprised to see how content everybody was with the already extensive surveillance, as if it had only on side: “we protect you from the baddies.” I couldn’t wrap my head around that mindset…

This part though:

[…] and even disclose any new security features in products before they launch

The link goes to an article from April this year that, in turn, says:

The government will force companies operating in the UK to declare “products and services in advance of their launch” to ensure police can still intercept data.

Can this have any effect on Maidsafe, a UK company? I understand that Maidsafe will not own, store, or process the data, yet it’s the producer of the software, and I’m not well versed in legalese in general, or this law in particular, to have an idea about whether that matters.


It just follows from the lazy conservative default, that dominates UK politics. The establishment is too powerful and opts for short term solutions to difficult problems. Also because the UK has fudged its economy, it’s been able to afford to indulge such nonsense - for now.

I wonder a lot of people haven’t the energy to fight - if they must piss on the electric fence then so be it but it would be better they didn’t inflict the stupid on the rest of us.

Power and wealth compounding themselves, are rotting the UK - it’ll be ‘interesting’ to see it evolve. The Conservatives appear to think that all is well - nukes and total surveillance, for the win? More power; more control… repeat…

I wonder the best solution to conservatives, is to let them indulge and then perhaps the UK population will wake up and vote for more liberal politics.

There was an interesting insight into that we saw Brexit and Trump - that in both the UK and the US prior to those events, 60% of the populations suggested their country was on the wrong track. I wonder that such dull thud as the OP, will not reduce that perception.


My impression was that it had not much to do with political views or being tired of fighting. You don’t fight against your friends, do you? It’s like people ignored how intrusive the whole thing was and instead went with the idea that if there’s so much surveillance then there must be a good reason for it, so them people watching us are our friends, not somebody to fight against.

That’s almost a flavour of conservative error - that people are not rioting, therefore we can get away with it.
You compromise yourself a little, to tolerate your friends - for a while and up to a point.

and that’s a fallacy. which perhaps some do indulge… but it doesn’t become any more true. Sometimes the fools have all the power and wealth… or just coincide with the same opinion.

Still, it’s all short sighted…

and there is the most foolish thought, which belies the error.

Power corrupts - is not about individuals, it’s about systemics. If you gift police and security everything they want, they you’d better watch out for the medium and long term well being of a society that is primed already with stresses that the power that be cannot control.

Theresa May is notorious for being the leader of the ‘Nasty Party’, there are no surprises… except for those do not stop to consider the bleeding obvious.

I’m the last person you need to explain how fallacious that thought process is, that’s why I couldn’t understand how people could go with it…

I hope not! Maybe they would move their HQ at some point?

Or maybe we will just remove Troon from the UK?

Trexit …,…, 20chr

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We prefer to think of it as Engexit, no Brexit

This is awful and draconian! Collect and store domains visited for twelve months, ‘just in case the police conduct an investigation’. How did this happen UK?

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At least you didn’t get a Trump… Could be worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I meant for Troon

I don’t think SAFEnet qualifies as a product of MAIDSAFE as it is an open-source global/international project. Any ‘products’ that MAIDSAFE makes [apps] that run atop SAFEnet might however fall under this IMO. That in and of itself could be problematic.

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Unless it “makes” the apps under the HK branch. Always creative solutions :slight_smile:

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To be honest, I’m not even sure Maidsafe is “the” maker of the network, as it is an open source project. While most of the actual development comes from Maidsafe employees, the fact it needs not be the case may still provide some legal protection.

But again: I have no idea what I’m talking about, so, for an attorney, my babbling may sound like “Fibonacci wave pattern crossover channels” for an options trader :joy_cat:


It is the rise of the pure morons. Very thankful that these people don’t seem wise or aware enough to hold on to their over reach either in England or the US, at the same time they have their illgotten agendas and elite perogatives plus access to horrid weaponry. I stll think the right is on its way out. It will have transparency forced on it. It has no solutions and no vision and no ethical feel or even moral compass. All their spy crap will get dumped, transparency is their destiny. Its all a response to them not wanting a political economy narrative and the employer class to be permanently fired and liqudated. But is going to happen, automation makes their role obsolete.


A list of everyone who can see your entire internet browsing history


And pretty much anyone who says they are a part of any of those groups…

Need SAFE…

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To make you feel better the age of transparency has begun. Its why we don’t have Hillary. Anonymous vetoed her over her stance on organizational secrecy and tried and convicted her in the court of public opiniin. The shills in the UK gov are trying make a threat to level the playing field, but they cannot. Organizational transparency means we get our privacy and voice back. Culture is the law in the final analysis and what is happening in global culture is the realization that disparate elite power has no justification. SAFE NETWORK!

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