Bringing external data/blokchains to Safenet

Lol, you should at least do some basic research. This Haven protocol was in development since 2018, but failed misserably. Then later new team of very skilled guys took over this dead project and were able to run first mainnet in June 2020. A week ago they released this asset native exchange of synthetic tokens dirrectly running on that monero like blockchain. So it is very fresh and risky. But as I said, it is higly leveraged so if bull market continues it shold explode faster than the average.

They have haven protocol paper wallet Haven Wallet. They have only web wallet if you want to move it.

But be careful, this is unproven tech. The team is very skilled, they have delivered what they promissed but there could be bugs, etc. It is very risky. What I love is the connection to monero community.

But I personally like taking risk if the upside is extreme.


You’re right, of course. I’m just playing around a bit. I had some fractions of a Bitcoin lying around on Bittrex so I figured, why not. I’m not really a trader at all. I like Monero too, or anything truly private really, and I’m thinking the chances are higher of XHV going up 100 x in a few months than BTC doing the same. If I lose - no biggie.

EDIT: I looked at, and what made me push the buy button was no VC, no ICO, no hype for the coin itself - in short, no “marketing” or apparent rush after a quick buck. I did create what they call a “vault” first, though. Apparently that is some sort of wallet.




I think I was looking for collateral or something similar. Sometimes my brain just blocks out the exact word I’m looking for. It will come to me when I least expect it.

Havan being a privacy project is an example of one possible bad future for the SN: Only a small selection of dismal CEX choices available, all of them with issues/shady people behind. Some with obvious close links to the type of agencies that like to do mass surveillance and who knows what kind of backers are behind the rest. I guess only those types of CEX get let off the FATF rule enforcement list.

No wonder they are talking about Thorchain as well the worst sort of CEXs have that project in a no-privacy stranglehold as well.

Define bad future. Not beeing listed on CEX? Only on dex? That is of course the only future for privacy coins and it is a good one. We are about to see a split of crypto into 2 words. Regulated tech, with 0 chance to be fiat alternative and anonymous one, to be the actual alternative.

It is bad to be a criminal in a society where there is a freedom of speach and money is not printed by central banks. But it is a honor to be a criminal in a society where is no freedom.

Those who have experience with communism under Soviet Union know, that breaking laws was the only way how to actually survive. Current western world is becoming more and more like Soviet Union. And anonymous crypto is a way how to fight it. For western world mentality of post soviet countries is a mistery. But that mistery is nothing else than denial to follow the laws and top down rules. They have lived decades in a system, where breaking laws was a norm and cheating a way to survive. And this countries will lead anonymous crypto adoption and will show the way to the western world how to fight back.


SNT will not be listed on external Dex due to mismatch in technology, same problem Haven has. With time SN will make its own internal ones, but only with other SN based tokens that will take time to build out. How to exchange those tokens outside of SN without a fiat bridge then is the problem.
Define a bad future: If the main way to get in/out to fiat is through SNT listings on highly questionable CEXs run by shadowy operators in bed with state sponsored surveillance industry. Just like Haven and Maid-o are right now. If the SN launches and the only way to get on and off reads like Havens CEX list and endless debates about how we get listed on a better one, ignoring the larger headwind against that ever happening… then that would be the worst outcome IMO.

All the other options like Thorchain etc involve intermediate bridges. IMO that is the least bad option that solves the problem in the short to intermediate term. After that those SN DEXs will have their own ecosystem with direct links to wider markets, FATF willing.

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And that is a way how to do it for now.

We are seeing multiple eth alternatives and a need for decentralized atomic swaps between them. Solutions are beeing created.

I dont’t see why Safe network could not support ETH plugin the way I wrote. With such plugin we can have erc20 SN wrapped token and do SN to erc20 and back. Of course it requires additional work but is doable. Once there is a working network and plugin system as I proposed, than we can have instant access to all available tokenized blockchains via wrappet tokens.and of course direct access to all decentralized exchanges.

But I agree, current SN implementation is going to experience lot of adoption pain without binance listing. Plugins should be able to solve this problem.

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