Bridges to existing services, but also extending them for data ownership awesomeness

Integrating SAFE with existing popular services while also providing extra value could be a major draw. I got the idea reading this post:

Getting data into or out of Facebook isn’t exactly the easiest, unless it helps their business (because then it’s a breeze.) Wanna save your chat logs? GOOD LUCK! (I wrote an app for personal use, I’m expecting it to stop working any day now; I can feel your pain.)

  • What if we could chat with our Facebook friends, stalk their pages, etc and while in it, all our data (e.g. our chat logs, pictures, comments) would get safely tucked away? Same for Hangouts, Skype (their sqlite db is a no-brainer, so “yay”), Pinterest, etc.
  • What if I could watch a YouTube video and it would get automatically (or by request) saved on the SAFE network? (If it’s already saved, that’s where it would load from.)
  • Proxying web pages for China and the like (yea, I’m sure I’m the first to think about it; anw, here it is for completeness.)
  • Loading a Wikipedia article automatically creates / updates that entry on the SAFE Wikipedia. (This one is not about ownership of data, but about migrating valuable data. Wikipedia of course has an awesome API and it provides full data dumps, so it’s more like an example for “the kind of things to think about.”)
  • I’m sure there are many more ideas waiting to be discovered!

I’m just throwing up ideas without regard to ease of implementation or payment or copyright or anything.

Some of these could be implemented as browser plugins. Let’s say you go on YouTube. The plugin goes YAY I KNOWZ YOUTUBEZ :smiley_cat: so it goes and checks if that particular video is on SAFE yet. If so, it redirects the video stream in the background, and the user can’t even notice the difference (what’s the point in doing this though? anyway, it could be done.) If the video is not on SAFE yet, depending on the user’s preferences (e.g. “my upstream is 64K, can I please opt out?”) it puts the vid on SAFE, and the next time somebody with SAFE loads that YouTube page, it’s served from there. Or, if somebody starts the SAFE Videos app, now there is one move video available. (I said: just an idea, no copyright infringement intended.)


I’d like an app (preferably called “suckee”) that would move my own s**t from YouTube to SAFE. But no app is necessary, though, because there are existing apps that can do that (save vids to local drive).
From local drive it’s trivial to put stuff on SAFE.

Maybe some super power users will need a better app, but for me a basic CLI version will do.


Lol! Nice one! My boi jan jan is loosening up. That’s wut the f%ck I’m talking about. :sunglasses:

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But I wasn’t talking about that. First sentence:

Existing closed services have deficiencies, such as:

  • YouTube doesn’t let you save videos
  • Facebook treats your chats as throwaway trash
  • Hangouts isn’t better
  • you can’t save Pinterest boards
  • you can’t save your Instagram
  • and so on

Improving people’s experience about what they are already familiar with may be more attractive than telling them “hey, use our stuff instead.” It also introduces them to SAFE through one of its fundamental ideas: your data is your data.

To be honest, it’s almost exactly the same as this other thread, so idke why I started another one :scream_cat: I must’ve focused on the trivial differences to think it deserved a separate thread.

“Basic” CLI? I would think it works the other way…

youtube-dl \
    --output "%(playlist)s (%(playlist_id)s)/%(uploader)s - %(title)s.%(upload_date)s.%(uploader_id)s.%(id)s.%(width)sx%(height)s.%(format_id)s.%(ext)s" \
    --write-{sub,description,info-json,annotations,thumbnail,all-thumbnails} --all-sub \
    --cookies 'youtube-cookies.txt' \
    --download-archive 'youtube-archives.txt' \
    --user-agent 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2311.39 Safari/537.36' \
    --yes-playlist \
    --merge-output-format mkv --prefer-ffmpeg \
    --embed-subs --add-metadata --xattrs \
    --embed-thumbnail \
    --convert-subtitles srt \
    --no-check-certificate \
    --username catvideosftw --password tabbiesrulez --twofactor `google-auth` \
    --ignore-errors \
    --rate-limit 850K \
:ytwatchlater :ytfavorites

I know you talked about two-way data transfer. I just mentioned one way would be enough for me.

It’s a lot of effort to integrate with those services and I think the more effort is spent the longer it’ll take to make a good SAFE ecosystem.
I also know some think why not use those platforms to attract users to SAFE.
It’s one thing to use them, and another to develop integration, and personally I see that as not having a good ROI.

Yeah I know, but for one time suck jobs that can automate 2-3 hours of tedious manual work, it’s worth the trouble

I second this. you should go into advertising @janitor

also there’s a great windows program YTD YouTube Downloader that lets you just paste all the links you want, and it will download them one by one, and you can choose mp3 or mp4 etc.

Idk for Fb tho


I believe he’d go with youtube-dl (as would I, for that matter); it’s pretty awesome, and gets updated everytime YouTube changes something.

There’s a Chrome plugin for images, nothing for chat logs. I wrote one myself, but it uses the unified messaging API which was never “really” released and got discontinued since; it’s still working, for the time being.

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