BREXIT, best BBC drama production since Dad's Army

BREXIT. This is the best comedy I’ve seen since Dad’s Army. Shame the first series is over in 16 days. I hear there may be a second series in the pipe line. Wish I could vote on an app the next round, like other TV talent shows instead of having to fly back and register.

Would recommend 10/10 for a good laugh. Fantastic use of technology and broadcasting - such an emersive experience. I think this production has broken the world record for the number of people mistaking a fictional story for real life - not seen since war of the world’s was broadcast on the radio. Bravo!


I’ve given up. I’m very tired of it. The votes the other night … the politicians declaring the current agreement is Armageddon for the past few months suddenly agree to it!!! Imagine an agreement so bad it’s worse than staying in Europe… stated as fact my Jacob Reese Mog for example… Jacob RM now fully backs it. A politician will actually now back a plan that is worse for the UK than canceling BREXIT

The situation is not just about BREXIT and what’s good for the people of the UK. It is a power grab.

A lot of smoke has been generated over the past few years. I’d like to ask… what other important European business has been drowned out/fillibusterd by this while BREXIT circus?
This is the only examination, our attention is being drawn away from something else.


I understand that if you live in GB you could be very tired of all that Brexit talk.
People who live elsewhere are less exposed.


Prediction that will probably be wrong: a general election together with an election for the European Parliament at the end of May, like in Belgium + longer extension of the ‘to Brexit or not to Brexit’-decision.


Interesting theory:


Not a TV show, but a game (in this game they will also use a cryptocurrency instead of the pound):