Brazilian regime

Here in Brazil the communists in the Congress have started a FAKENEWS narrative so they can censor the internet in the country and control anything an internaut does online! The SAFENetwork will be welcome here the sooner the better!


From what we see the problem in Brazil is with the fascists.


It is same in south korea, govermant force to delete youtube video because they are fake news. The big brother season is coming.

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Is that these nasty South Korean communists too?


I am a 50 year old Brazilian! If you know more than I do about Brazil and our politics and you believe in fake news from the mafia, drug smugglers who have been in control of this country for the past 35 year and now they have met their match against corruption and all that! A man who stopped corruption for the first time since 1500. A man who was stabbed in an attempt to not let him win the election, who has proven countless times he is not corrupt, who, for the first time, has raised profits in the State companies who were for decades on the red, like state oil company by 30 billions dollas, now up to 70 billion . Who has given out about a QUARTER TRILLION dollars help in this pandemic. WHO has all the old billionaire corrupt politicians(impossible allies) come together with all the lies they can muster , but they are unmasked daily by us 70 million people who are in favor of our president (60% voters), who told the european government to get out of our country stealing gold and precious stone using NGO´s as shields…He is pro gun, he wants , and started, giving back the right to properties and self defense rights to the people, which we didn´t have… I can go on and on about him… if you think he is a fascist then you know nothing about what a fascist is!

You see? This is today! We are taking to the streets every day in favor of him! In this picture the corrupt main midia tries the narrative that the people are in favor of the biggest brazilian traitor, the last Minister of Justice, who betrayed us… They are so desperate because they are not getting the billions of dollares they used to, they are going bankrupt and they make lots of mistakes… the internet are tough on them… In this picture shown on their own TV news program the lies are blatant… there is a banner in favor of BOLSONARO, but the headline says it if for SERGIO MORO , a corrupt judge caugh red handed last week!


The difference now is the drugs are not smuggled merely handed over the appropriate CIA approved middlemen.

A populist thug in the pockets of the banking tribe.
Bad news for the indigenous tribes and the rainforest though. Which is bad news for the planet
Enjoy your guns, you will kill as many of your own families as imagined bad guys. Meanwhile US gun companies take the profits and laugh at gullible Brazilians.

You have no idea what you are talking about! You are just another mind turned into zombie by the mass midia!

You are so defensive of the rain forest? OK! Tell me, billions and billions of dollars were “sent” here to my area… this is where I live! where is that money??? Show me one fire brigade set up with this money? Show one airplane prepared for extinguishing fire in the forest! Show me one bucked…a plastic one…it doesn´t need to be filled with water, we´ve got plenty of it, bought with those huge piles of cash , just to say… " look we are contributing to helping the amazon forest"! But we see aberrations like: lots of gold,last year 700 tons of gold was caught being sent to Europe, the government only caught that because there was a gun conflict in the airport of RIO , a gang trying to steal them from the ones who were stealing them from us…You know nothing what really goes on here! That only happened because of this new President… the others before him never did anything to stop this blood drainage of our riches"! BECAUSE they are part of a bigger problem and you all will get to see about it in the near future!


Open up your mind! All of you from countries around the world send money here with the excuse of helping the amazon forest, but this money just vanishes into thin air… you, as citizens, don´t go check about that, you guys are being stolen from, this money finances ilegal international resources smuggling and you as citizens, we here, get nothing in return… it is a huge international gang stealing every country in the world with the excuse of being ecological! This teenage mind of being against rules, prevents you from seeing who the good guys really are!


I see you are not answering anymore! I´m gonna be honest with you , we are angyry. I earn 300 dollars a month in my job while trillions of dollars are dug from under my feet and nothing, exactly nothing stays here to help my town. There are many gold mines around my town. The worst of all is that you guys, europeans, americans… the ones better off than us, regular citizens, don´t ask yourselves the right questions! These questions will force you to look into the mirror and reveal who you really are. The fact is , by sending money here you keep us poor, you keep the forest people in captivity, just because it is nice to see them wearing feathers on their heads. But you don´t know that the group that controls them, tell them when to go to the doctor, the dentist, what to eat, when to come into town, they are kept under the laws of our country done by thugs, who back 30 years ago new it was profitble. If these people become “civilized”, have their own free will, their own land to farm, to dug their minerals, have good education, speak portuguese and merge with our society , you will stop sending the billions that were , and still are sending here to “protect” them". You don´t know that you sponsor this slavery. You never ask why in all other countries like the US or Bolivia their native people can even be a president of their country but ours can´t… It is time for you guys to stop this nonsense. The other day I went to the eye doctor and the person from FUNAI , the group that controls them was there leading the old ones to see the doctor. Why is there a group so “committed” to helping those people who barely have basic hygiene? You are fed what the media wants to feed you with! It is very profitable they earn from both sides!


I think a good way would be getting to know the reality about Brazil. The country is perfect, we feed 1.4 billion people around the world with our agriculture. Every dictator in the world wants to control us. The propaganda against our new government can only be done by people who are losing something, why didn´t they ever speak badly about the other presidents? . We need help to stop this mass media from wanting to stop our new president destroy the corruption scheme set up back in 1985! It is the first time the billionaire crime organized in this country has been afraid. Just that would help if you can watch the youtube channels that a lot of Brazilians are helping expose thugs on the daily basis…we citizens are really being tough against the corrupt system, on line and on the streets 24/7! Thanks for you support. I will look for things in English and post the links here…!

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Brother,I am sorry for the reality your country has been through! What we have learned these past 3 years is that engagement, online and on the streets, changes, sets new rules. Politicians are afraid of their people! I hope your nation learns that, the sooner the better! “We are together” - this is our mantra in Brazil today!


The worst in all this , is that the past presidents in Brasil sent billions of dollars to help dictatorial regimes around the world. Real criminals who can influence the organized crime and terrorism around the world. Lula da Silva, Dilma Roussef were connected to very bad people…George Soros has been visiting Brazil…The rabbit hole goes deep.


Now the jounalists at the worst news compny ever GLOBO TV, is questioning themselves… how can a person who died in a car accident, tested negative for COVID-19 TWICE, be buried under the covid statistics?? Maybe this reporter has lost his job…

The Main Media today is having a panic attack. They are lost

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Standing up for the fascists again, eh?

The only good fascist is a dead one.

AS I told you before… you´re a zombie who knows nothing about life!

Fascist it is you who are trying to stop me from speaking about my own life here, judging and diminishing what I try to do…you work for the Evil. You either don´t know that or you do know…

Not even your face or telling us who you are, you´re capable of!

Tell me how many people have our government killed so far? But your kind has already and you don´t know about that!

Why don’t you just admit you don’t like people with darker skin than yourself?
Why don’t you just admit that you didnt like paying tax and now that nice Mr Bolsonaro has made it easier for you to exploit others?

I don’t need to live in Brazil to recognise fascists.

Tell me, what is “my kind”?

You are crazy… as far as I can see you are a cartoon…

Now you are judging me for a tone of skin color?

That´s why you get to be manipulated so easily!

Our tax pay system charges us at 77% of our income!

Your kind of thinking who don´t see numbers, don´t see results, don´t acknowlege the slightest pressure release in a sistem, dismissing any of it as nothing, you can´t see that to achieve the least in building a better society requires a huge effort behind it, that no one will ever get to know about it!

You don´t see things through, you care only about meaningless words, and appearance… you judge the messenger not the message!

You think my being black, white , asian, gay, hetero, brazilian or whatever drives me… what drives me is freedom, actions… I have no idea if what, where, how, when … you are! All I know about you is , you judge me , my country , my life… thinking you know better!