Brazilian politics

Be careful…!


170 right wing youtube accounts, who totally support JAIR BOLSONARO, were shut down by the leftists (the supreme court of brazil).

Now they are spreading lies around the world saying OUR PRESIDENT was the one who did it (against himself?).,

Be deceived by your own will!

Sounds like good news all round - No hiding place for fascists.


Do you not think we should all do that or do you feel cutting down forests is OK in some fashion? (just curious)

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They need the wood for rifle butts, Bolsonaro wants all Brazilians to have rifles.


I do…

but having your living room full of dead trees as furniture while you do it?

I just don´t agree when there are TRILLIONS of dollars involved that used to be out in open for anyone to grab back in the governments before and this one has closed up those money streams so that these people who never said a word before about the burnings ,and all, because they themselves used to live in what this image shows… hipocrisy.

"Massive communist demonstration against the fascist, dictatorial government in Brasil

In favor of Bolsonaro!!

07 September
First time ever a goverment is praised like this…something must be right!


yes yes of course…

pats @hamanara on the head

Shouldn’t you be at rifle practice like Fuhrer Bolsonara has demanded?
Mind and practice range safety now… Dont want you lot offing yourselves like some stupid American now… Remember its not guns that kill, its the brain dead pricks that own them that kill.