Brazilian politics

There is something some people don´t seem to understand!

This is not politics, but a view what can happen in poor coutries around the world!

In any poor country case, where say there can be 220 million people who produce in taxes 2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year. For the past 40 years , in a given country which can be easily google up, under socialist regimes people were only stolen from, the past 18 years under the workers party, now with the figures raised by the police , we were stolen 5 TRILLION DOLLARS (up to 2017 exchange rate to BRL).

Millions of people get to be 40 years old, they get married and still live in their parents homes for the lack of jobs, and money going around society! Entrepreneurs, which means not only rich people are businesspeople… people selling water in the streets are doing what the socialist call capitalist… they do that to survive, but the regime dictated by the constitution of 1988 forbids that and people get beaten up on the streets by the police for " breaking the law".

When there is something new that can change their lives , especially criptocoins, that can give them dignity , we come here and the first thing we hear is that “IF YOU ARE ONLY THINKING ABOUT MONEY YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE”…

“We have to think about privacy, we have to think about the poor giraffes elephants and ETs that live in the amazon to preserve them!”

How are you going to have a MARKET campaign, bring people in if MOST PEOPLE in the world live under the basic life line if what they need most, like at least a decent pair os shoes is denied to them. Wherever people turn to it is the same thing? " A camel is better than rich people", don´t be greedy, don´t this, don´t that…?

What the world need is freedom , freedom is MONEY… like it or not… When stomachs are full then we will think about privacy…

IF your marketing campaign is based on ideals I think you are going the opposite direction… that is not what has driven BITCOIN so far…!

Isn´t it high time MAIDCOIN had a sharp rise in price?

Shouldn´t there be a trading group here getting MSC price up?

Where is the wallet where people can trade MSC, use it in the market out there?

Hasn´t that been the point of view that put ETHEREUM and all the other projects far beyond what maidsafe has been in the eyes of the public?

I sense there is a prejudice against money which there shouldn´t be, because I am sure the other successful coin teams don´t have money problems either to boosting their projects or keeping their price up to where they want…plus MILLIONS of people engaged… …

Sorry for being so hard on you all , but I have followed and invested in MAID since ICO and I feel I should have said this.


Bolsonara’s fascists are going to have a fight on their hands.

It sounds like being able to build and sell things online, without fear of discovery, may help a great deal. Maybe not those selling water in the streets, but those who have access to a computer and the Internet will need that privacy to operate, to build and retain some wealth.

When the state has become the enemy, safe access for everyone, with privacy and security built in, may be the best way out.

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Safe network will have its time in the sun. I feel it is just around the corner, I fact. We are already half way towards the ATH and MAID has only ever been worth more than right now for about a month in its existence (in USD).


Happy Birthday, Presidente Bolsonaro! You have done so much more for the people of Brasil than the ones before who only stole from us!
Some things you restored or have given us so far:

  • NO corruption whatsoever in your governmental team
  • The right to own a fire weapon
  • The right to use rivers to land hydro-airplanes
  • The right to have mini hydroelectric power plant on farms
    -The right to have a small private/commercial airport on farms
  • The right to have small non risky business without so much paper
  • Ended illegal gold extraction
  • Ended illegal mineral and gem extraction
  • The right for idiginous people to cultivate their lands
  • Giving ownership of land properties to 500 k families
  • Credit to farmers build, invest in their lands
  • Making the agrobusiness #1 in the world (1.5 billion ppl need us)
  • Lowered taxes
  • Distributes 1 Trillion dollars to 68 million people in need in the C-19
    … the list goes on and on…


Oh dear - this does not look good…

Nor this An Insecure Bolsonaro Prepares for His Own January 6

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Bear one thing in mind… a person who is stabbed and carries on is not inscure

oh another thing…when he stops corruption at the highest level of power , TRILLIONS of dollars worth of it, when even european countries were used to benefit form this scourge that plagues my country , of course there will be a back lash and you all get fed only what you are meant to be fed by the leeches around the globe!

do you ever ask why 60% of us support him fiercely? We wouldnt if we didn´t know better!

60% ??? <— other more believable figures are available.

The fascists are getting the boot - just as in Bolivia. Your big pals, the Yanks aren’t quite as big anymore. Don’t hold your breath waiting for much help from them .

Time to get your money into MAID and get out of Brazil, pal. Where you going to run to now? Israel?


Communism is there… 3 eggs being given out to the people!
Major industries and millionaires have fled…


Oh… This president is so unpopular, he is a dictator, the people hate him…- Main media.

REALITY rubbed on their faces (this week again people taking to the streets on May 1st and May 9th just to show support to his right wing government)
There has never been a politician as loved as Bolsonaro, nor one that has given so much to the people in just 2 years…!(Freedom in economics, law, country structures, money even straight into people´s hands, no evidence of corruption… brazilians have never seen promises delivered like this before.) By the way, The Supreme Court has cut off half of his powers, still the man has done much more than anyone before)

The Nuremberg rallies have certainly got a groovier dress code these days
The extra-judicial killings continue, sadly

You know your right-wing govt is in trouble when even the Voice of America condemns you.
The Voice of America FFS

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Check the numbers in this protest - and contrast with the apologists pathetic “crowd” above.

Bye bye Bolsonaro - another Yankee puppet about to bite the dust.

and more bad news for the fascist Brazilians stage nationwide protests against President Bolsonaro's COVID response | Reuters

Bolsonaro is different! There must be something good for all these people to support him…!

So 12,000 showed up, eh? From a city of 30m? Thats 0.04%. Pathetic. The baby fascist is on the way out, pal.
#Venceremos, baby.

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Here is another source.

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