Brave browser coop

why not contacting and asking them to make their browser compatible with safe and also brave rewards to be reworked so they work on safe network for webpages so webpages and users can get rewards in form of safecoin from browsing

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it is not generating safecoin but by providing reward for browsing (which money come from adverts so from companies that wants to be heard and their products or organizations with causes) you make people want to use safe network just like brave browser

A major issue is how to pay them. Remember for SAFE development you have to think differently because now the user owns their data and is not reaching out to a server that can hide/own their’s or your data,

To pay the user the APP (a browser or browser APP or independent APP) has to do the paying.

  • the app/browser is running on the person’s computer
  • the person has access to all the code/data running using simple debug programs or just look at the open sourced code (if available)
  • the APP has to authorise the payment to the network through the APIs
  • To authorise the request the APP has to sign the request with their private key for the coinbalance holding the coins
  • That means the keys are stored within the APP and has to be used.
  • At the point of use a breakpoint is inserted for the signing of the request
  • Keys extracted and the APP no longer has a balance because the first person to do this empties the coinbalance used by the APP

I dont believe something like what I am suggesting is not possible in safe network, I think it’s just figuring out the way to do it

Yes, as long as you think in terms that the user running the APP owns the data and because they are running the APP in effect own the APP too.

The way to do it is to have ADs that you own and the user writes to them. Then you process those ADs and pay the user running your own APP. Thus being paid later on. Actually you can replaces the ADs with messaging it you want.

This has the effect that you must have an APP that runs constantly or at various times and the user receives the payment after the fact.

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I just had this same idea also and found this point. I really think Brave would be a willing partner for SAFE, as a really robust, stable and privacy focused browser, which is also massively well known and successful nowadays.

Also they seem to be among the best real world use of crypto these days, with their token. So there are many synergies between it and SAFE.

A partnership at any level would boost SAFE and lend it credibility like nothing else, really.

And on a technical level it could just be able to navigate to safe:// sites, even alpha ones for now, and add a safecoin wallet later on when that’s ready, side by side to their current brave coin one.

If hunter is still in the US then he should be near them (San Francisco company) and maybe could reach out somehow.

Would offer real mainstream legitimacy

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Update: Brave’s crypto wallet partner now requires a selfie which they promise to use for biometric identification - sad departure from the project’s original vision


Wow didn’t know that.

Hurts my image of them but I still feel like it would be worth a shot