Bragging about my most recent success


Hahah, I couldn’t resist. On a more serious note, I think this is a smart process of getting new users involved in the community and it will also prevent abuse of the SAFE Authenticator or users spamming the Authenticator with new accounts.



Well it has worked so far.

A previous testnet was spammed with uploads, such that it filled all the available storage space. At least it tested the network full condition. Since then the invite system has been used and the spamming problem has not resurfaced.

Although when we get vaults at home (alpha 4) this may change as was indicated by the dev team. Don’t ask when that will be as no one knows. Keep up with development by following the dev updates in #development:updates subcategory.

I move the topic to the correct category of #meta, since it was essentially a topic about the forum and your experience with it. Have you read the forum guidelines yet?

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Awesome, thanks for the tips and I’ll read the FAQs now.