Bought MAID In Crowdsale 2014 - What Do I Do Now?

I bought MAID in the crowdsale in 2014.

I have done nothing with MAID coins.

I bought with BTC from my Electrum wallet.

I have thought about selling some many times, but I am unsure what I need to do to get them to my account with Bittrex.

I have hunted around the forum with no success locating any information on a step-by-step guide to transfer the coins.

I know my BTC address and can see the balance in the search section of OmniWallet.

I am not that technical when it comes to these issues.

Would be grateful for any assistance locating the relevant information.

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Bittrex isn’t accepting deposits just now for MAID (hence the price vs Poloniex), so you’re best to get an account with Poloniex, or another exchange that trades MAID.

Next, you’ll need to learn how to send assets through OMNI wallet, and then send MAID tokens to the exchange to sell if you want to.

I’m sure there’ll be guides for sending OMNI assets on the web somewhere (MAID is an omni asset).


I was in your shoes few months back when maid was all-time-highing at $0.72 (see Recovering my maidsafe investment from 3 years ago?). I am REALLY really glad I haven’t sold, and we are not even at launch so we’ve got double, and may be tripple figures to look forward to some day!


Assuming they are still letting people withdraw bitcoin, if that was the case, wouldn’t they just move their Bitcoin to poloniex and bag a bargain? Unless Bitcoin fees are putting people off?

Yes, but you’d need MAID on Bittrex ready to sell so you can re-buy at Poloniex.

I did this with my holdings that were on Bittrex & made about 10% by re-buying at Poloniex, but I can’t repeat as it’s not possible to send more MAID to Bittrex. As soon as it is, others will arbitrage & prices will align again.

Surely you only need Bitcoin available (to buy at polo instead)?

I just don’t get why people would pay more for maidsafecoin, as clearly they have the Bitcoin available to buy them.

I see what you mean - why does anyone buy MAID at inflated prices on Bittrex… I have no idea, unless for some reason they can only use Bittrex.

Does Poloniex not allow users from some US states due to regulation or something?

I’d be interested to hear any potential reasons for people paying over the odds at Bittrex!

The sheer quantity being bought is also interesting too. They are the #1 maidsafecoin buyer atm and at the highest price. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me!

It’ll be a pump n dump attempt I’d say involving only those who use bittrex


it’s a discount price compared to what the value of the project is!

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I think you should onto the coins for a few more years, like other coins the value will continue to rise


Can Maid still be bought, and if so where?

Poloniex, Bittrex, HitBtc - may be some others too

I always lightly followed the MAIDSafe project for some time 5-6 years. But only recently got involved the past 2 weeks or so as I am finally interested in some long term holdings in crypto that I think have a fundamental real use case value. Siacoin/Maid/Eth(fix the scale problems)/Btc(fix the scale problems) and so forth. One thing that has recently turned me off from an investment perspective is the fact MaidSafe is 400+ million coins and those will trade 1 to 1 with safecoin BUT the glaring issue most care to not tell newer users of maid who may now be buying in at the $1.00+ range is that MaidSafeCoins represents only 10% of the SafeCoin distribution of 4 BILLION coins… From a pure speculative/investment perspective that sort of dilution means this coin will most likely not go up in value at the time of the SAFE network launch but more likely go down (unless MaidSafe decides to release the newly minted extra Safecoin(the 3.6 billion) at a very slow rate into the network over a very long time).

The release of the new coins is intended to be over many decades, as the network grows and the demand for storage/coins increases.


Right, in which case yes I have no doubt that will be favorable to everyone. I have not heard the specifics of this yet and it will honestly be a challenge to determine the best rate of release. Hopefully its done in a way that rewards those who have invested money/effort in prior to launch.

From a technical perspective I love the project idea, still worried some time in the future ISP’s somehow solve blocking the network (Even if you use different randomized ports/protocols I don’t put it past companies to put serious effort into squashing something they can’t control). Would love if in the future road map a device can be thought up to connect to the network without an ISP, like a true mesh net broadcast from p2p. I am a developer but not crazy advanced so these things are beyond my skill set heh. Hopefully the final SAFE product will be easy enough novice programmers will be able to take a crack at it and build applications on it, which will lead to quicker adoption as well. As for end users everything within the safe network that is meant to have worldwide adoption needs executable files and easy installation. If non technical people in their 40’s or older can’t figure it out on their devices then the product will never be something more than a nerd niche :slight_smile: . And I want this to be something I could teach my parents to use in 10 minutes or less.

But thanks for your response, that clarifies it to me (as long as that is what maids plan is).


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Maid will never get to the full 10x since you burn coins and destroy them to use the network. They can then be farmed anew by someone else providing resources. There is an S curve in supply and most likely it will never get to much more than 3-3.5bn. If that were to happen it would also be many years away and we’d have to have some huge adoption to get there (massive amounts of farming and very little use of the network).

Take a read of this to get MAIDs ‘potential’ 10x (more likely 2-3x over the first year or two of launch) in perspective relative to some other projects out there… currency inflation is not looked at closely enough I agree, but MAID is one of the good ones relative to the rest of crypto right now.


While I don’t think this’ll be a huge issue due to the plan to have a very slow release of coins, I’m not clear what the motivation is to increase the number of coins from 400m to 4bn.

I wonder if its to make sure that in the long term contributors to the network are the ones who will become the biggest Safecoin earners, rather than leaving early investors as major holders going forward?

I’d be interested to hear the motivation, as functionality I can’t see any need for it.

Right, and I agree with you there on that Ripple article. Its a case of the ripple founders holding a ton of coin off market and slowly dripping it into market and a flood of hamsters(“investors” if you can even give them such a title) to a water bottle drip. Ripple is fast sure, so is my mysql db :slight_smile: . It is a coin that has become a fool selling to a greater fool at this point, pretty disgusting and I see it fairing the worst when this crypto mania slows down a bit. Even maid has really spiked up a lot lately, but at least there are technical merits behind an increase in value(albeit I think MAID spike is still pure speculation not technical achievements).



It’s about more than just ripple, you should really give it a read, it’s a good one. You get a different perspective on the values of most of the top coins and it is quite revealing.

Yeah I’m with you on XRP… total garbage! Crypto is nuts though, it’s just mayhem and mania. Very few seem to understand the value proposition of BTC that most of us saw before this craziness started. Centralised nonsense isn’t disruptive or interesting imo.

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