Born 2006, a human can start to hack in 2011, hackers are middle aged by 2021

Considering the fast pace of our modern society and the technology race of arms, I would like to have seen Maidsafe by now launch their own wallet that was both secure and user friendly, especially due to the lack of third party options. I feel the urgency of the technology being developed and the escalating issues facing humanity, a Maidsafe/Safecoin launch is now required more than ever and before redundancy of the technology becomes a reality.


Wallet for what?

Also MAID is only a few years old and not 10 years.

MAID is an omni protocol token and there are already wallets for that, So why would Maidsafe reinvent the wheel and use up development time to do that.

For SAFEcoin @bochaco has already made a demo wallet that would operate on SAFEcoin. But until test SAFEcoin exists there is not much point trying to do an official wallet since it could totally change with revisions to the Safecoin RFC


If @bochaco has a wallet that supports SAFEcoin, can it not be upgraded to include current MAIDcoin to resolve the issue so many holders of MAIDcoin seem to have? Or is that an impossible request?

Do you understand what safecoin will be?

MAID and safecoin are totally incompatible in how they operate and where they “live”

SAFEcoin is NOT a blockchain coin. SAFEcoins are actual data objects that will live on the SAFE network, no blockchain needed or wanted for it.

MAID lives on the Bitcoin blockchain as an omni token. SO WHY create a special MAID wallet. It does not make sense to reinvent the wheel that others have created perfectly good wallets for omni-protocol tokens (MAID is #3 of it).

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I hear what you are saying, and i understand the reluctance therefore of creating a temporary wallet for MAIDcoin which is only to become redundant once SAFEcoin launches.
But consider that SAFEcoin is maybe 1 or 2 years away from launch, how sensible is it to then allow users to hold millions of dollars worth of MAIDcoin on exchanges during that period of time as they dont have the tech knowhow to move their tokens to OmniWallet? Would it not be prudent of Maidsafe to help protect their supporters with the creation of a simple secure user friendly MAIDcoin wallet.
Consider the effects of an exchange being attacked and those millions of dollars of MAIDcoin being lost. How likely is it that those investors will re-invest and what would the repercussions be for Maidsafe.
Maybe I dont understand the costs involved in a wallet creation, but i do understand the huge advantages.

But most don’t. Only about one quarter of all MAID is on exchanges and those who leave their MAID on exchanges have to accept the risks. The rest have been sent to BTC addresses. Some use paper wallets to manage the addresses and some use and some use other wallets to manage their BTC addresses which hold MAID.

There is absolutely no reason to develop a specific wallet for MAID.

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I would only add that there are also some technicalities to consider if you think about implementing a madisafecoin wallet in my app or as a SAFE app:

  • My app is supposed to run on the SAFE network, and therefore it stores your data on it, so until we have an stable network nobody would use it to really store their keys their, they might have to import their keys every time they want to use it, which could still be ok but there is no much point or benefit compared to using existing Omni wallet.
  • I have plans to support blockchain wallets, specially Bitcoin, but since it might not be able to connect to the clearnet, then the wallet would only help you to sign and create offline transactions which you can then copy and paste onto a Bitcoin wallet on the clearnet.

I was very enthusiastic about doing it as a personal challenge, but it implies some effort that I thought I could use for some other features based on a similar reasoning to what has been already mentioned.

(thanks @neo for letting people know about my app, you will receive one of the first stickers when they happen to exist one day :wink: )


I considered that making the technology more user friendly from the start of token trading would attract more users that were not tech savvy. This would then help Maidsafe to gain traction when it officially launches and not be seen as a niche market.
I considered comparing 2 examples, TOR and GOOGLE for comparision, with TOR launched in 2002 it now has approx 2 million active users, GOOGLE launched in 1998 now has approx 2 billion active users.
Admittedly TOR has suffered from mostly bad press headlining the worst user activity.
But this may give a reason why the new technology being developed should reach out to the majority average user and not just the tech savvy. To say to the non-tech savvy that they must just accept the risks of leaving there MAIDcoin on exchanges because there is no secure user friendly wallet alternative is surely a missed opportunity to gain more support.

Video tuition on creating an OmniWallet for Maidsafe.

MaidSafe was 12 years in the making in 2014 when they did the their first round of funding AFAIK. That makes them 15 years old.
Am I wrong?

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He may have been referring to maidsafecoin rather than maidsafe the company

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I think MaidSafe was formed in 2006 (though David has been chewing this over for longer). I’m not certain though.


Feb. 2006 as Irvine says…

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Well I think if you feel so strongly that MAID needs a special wallet for it, then you are free to make it happen. There is nothing preventing you from doing it.

I am unconvinced that we have any need of a special wallet at all. And do not expect Maidsafe to do it.


In this case, why do you need MAID that are sold on exchanges? As I understood before, MAID is needed to post information at the network. Or was I wrong?

At the moment we have MAID. This is purely a token that will be exchanged later on for SAFEcoin. So MAID itself is purely a token and is often traded on exchanges by those who want to buy/sell and/or play day-traders.

SAFEcoin which I think you were referring to is needed to buy resources on the network (Store files, post info, etc). So yes you are right.

But in saying that there are going to be people who need to purchase SAFEcoin because they do not have any. This then creates a market for SAFEcoin and will be traded just like MAID is traded. Hopefully we will have better exchanges by then.

Thus MAID is needed now to prepare for SAFEcoin later on. The reason for buying (& holding) MAID now is to be both prepared and to have some at a cheaper price than what they will cost when the network is live. Really only need them if one plans on storing a lot of data. Farming will only produce so many SAFEcoin and so if you want to store a lot then you need more coins.


When is it planned to release SafeCoin and start the exchange?

First there will be test safecoin which will most likely appear during beta testing.

Then when all is proven good then we will have real SAFEcoin

Then sometime after the network is live the exchange will be opened. We don’t yet know the exact process that will set up for this exchange.

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