Boots on the Ground


Мy little weekly update Sep 7 - Sep 13 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 16 Difficulty - 133 posters


Мy little weekly update Sep 14 - Sep 20 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 17 Difficulty - 171 posters


Great work as always, you’re the man.

Where are you posting these? In Comp Sci halls or something?

Because I notice all the flyers are the same, and they all point to the dev hub. I thought it might be good to have several types of flyers, like perhaps at least one more that is for general users and points to this community forum.

Also, if you send me the word doc etc I can have some designers make a nice version that will stand out a bit more. Looks like we’re saving money with black and white and that’s fine, but some simple designs would make it stand out a bit more.

Keep it up though :+1:


Thanks for the support Will! :slight_smile:

I stick them to residential buildings like this:

I agree with you that we need a poster for the general public, I have planned for Alpha 3. It will point to Bulgarian community site because most people do not know English…

“Bitcoin was just the beginning…
Welcome to the Era of decentralized autonomous internet:
The SAFE network!
Test Alpha 3

I am very grateful for your design proposal, I will send you the text for Alpha 3 poster :slight_smile: It can be full color as you suggest.

For current posters I use recycled paper that is more expensive, but for the next I will use plain glossy paper.


That sounds good except it might be a few more months at least until then so I think every line you drafted on there is great except the Alpha 3 one for now.

Since you seem to post these every week it would be great to get both flyers going already

Great work on safenet BG site, it’s chock-full of great stuff, and if you’re the one who put that together then hats wayyy off to you sir

Send me anything when you have it and we can get it ready :+1:

And when you say things like 171 posters… Does that mean you really posted 171 posters in a single week?? :scream: or it’s like a mini-running-total or something


Do you know what Will? I think you’re right. Perhaps it would be better to make a guide for alpha 2 and release posters for it.

Yes that is me. Thanks!

Yes, there are 171 posters in 171 different blocks of flats only this week (2433 total so far). Sofia has 2 million inhabitants … At the moment I restrict myself to sticking posters only where there is access to a dashboard. With the mass posters I will also stick where it is not and will therefore stick more posters a week. :slight_smile:


I’m surprised none of the community podcasters haven’t booked you on a show to tell your “Boots on the ground” story. It may be a feature film your grandkids

At the very least, I’d suggest you document your travels up and down the stairs of the public places you visit …

Just an idea, so far you done a pretty impressive job.


Thanks for the encouragement @BIGbtc! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

My English is not good, I use Google translate :smiley: I have learned English only from movies…


I do understand, but really, it’s all the more reason to expose yourself. A good podcaster can manage an interview with skilled editing and patience. (and desire)
Keep lots of notes about your travels, video and pictures even, you have a story to tell. It may not be of interest to too many today, but you never know what the future holds.

Edit: it may not be of interest to too many. (Many do find it interesting, I for one)