Boots on the Ground


@dimitar must have gone through so many pairs of shoes by now :mans_shoe::mans_shoe::mans_shoe::mans_shoe:


This is great! Is there some way to get a report on how many Bulgarians are visiting the website? That way we could graph the number of posters submitted vs. Bulgarian website traffic.

Edit: Actually getting a full breakdown of website traffic by country might be very interesting. It would give us an idea of which nations need more/different marketing.


We can’t do that unfortunately AFAIK. The analytics is pretty basic.


I have been working in the telecommunication sector for 10 years, while in 2013 I came across this TED talk:

I told myself that it is not normal to advertise new phones, but not to promote goodness. Then I decided I wanted to do something about it.

I created a small advertising agency to distribute advertising materials - flyers, posters. At the same time I help charity organizations for free distributing their advertising materials.

In 2014 I came across the SAFE Network and I immediately realized that I would do my best to make it popular in my country. When we get to Alpha 3, I will start a more massive advertisement aimed at the average person.

For me, the SAFE Network is the beginning of a new Renaissance in human history. I’m very glad to be alive at this time…

So @whiteoutmashups what I want to say is that it is my honor to be able to participate with my modest efforts in building a better future for all :slight_smile:


What about the total count that visits the website? We would extrapolate statistically what the “normal” website growth would be, and anything over the trendline would be credited as coming from the @dimitar marketing campaign.


If you mean the forum, the analytics are not granular enough. It’s just a basic daily page count. There’s a lot of day to day variability for whatever reason so it’s really hard to correlate cause and effect.


Just an awesome little guy making it in a big world. Amazing. Please post bitcoin address and I’ll contribute a little to your travel expenses to the next Maidsafe Devcon in Troon. Get a front row seat.


Thanks @BIGbtc , I write here not to brag or something, but because I believe that good attracts good аnd someone else can get inspired and act…

I watched online Maidsafe Devcon and I wanted to be in the audience along with my SAFE Network T-shirt, maybe I will really come next year :slight_smile:


And you’re good and you’re humble and you deserve a little support and contribution to your cause. So ask @maidsafe to make some room for you. Now, about that bitcoin address.


Thanks again @BIGbtc !

bitcoin address: 3NjeoAwTMjkn1n72Rzzm7osceFZ8fKw1Di

if anyone else wants to donate I will use all of the money to promote Secure Access For Everyone :slight_smile:



Hope that’s a start fund your trip to next years Devcon in Troon.

Keep up the awesome attitude.


Мy little weekly update Aug 3 - Aug 9 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 11 Difficulty - 153 posters


That’s just incredible, man!!
Keep on trucking! [definition: Keep on going strong]


Мy little weekly update Aug 10 - Aug 16 !

Proof of work - Block 12 Difficulty - 132 posters


Мy little weekly update Aug 17 - Aug 23 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 13 Difficulty - 162 posters


Мy little weekly update Aug 24 - Aug 30 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 14 Difficulty - 194 posters


@dimitar rocks:

Introduce yourself

Here’s the poster poster @Simo!


All honors are for @maidsafe Team. :slight_smile: I’m just a messenger.


We’re all ants doing our roles, don’t underestimate an :ant: !


Мy little weekly update Sep 1 - Sep 6 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 15 Difficulty - 196 posters