Boots on the Ground


Thanks for the ideas, @Secretariat415 ! I’ll put them all in use when the time comes :slight_smile:


Of course you can.

Create a separate URL solely dedicated to the posters, then simply redirect or use an alias.
I used to do this myself.

In fact I may even send some traffic to your site from Australia if you don’t mind?

Is this your site? Or is it Maids?


this is the official MaidSafe developer site…

I do not want to redirect because I have already printed a 10000 poster and will go unnecessarily expensive to do it again whit new URL :slight_smile:

If @maidsafe want to see what traffic has come from the posters, they can easily see the Bulgarians IPs and tell us :wink:


I’ve thought about doing a similar tactic to the local universities where I live. Maybe slipping a flier/pamphlet/primer under CS professors’ doors and around the library and computer science buildings. Any thoughts?



Man can regret for two things - something you have tried and failed and something you have never tried…

Failure can be overcome… But the thought you never tried - this is something that remains with you forever.

So if you feel the need of spreading the news about the SAFE network go ahead!


Мy little weekly update Jun 8–14 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 3 Difficulty - 200 posters


Err, What are you talking about?

Who said anything about a URL shortener?


If somebody designs me a good FB ad with a good image and well written copy ill pay for the ad.


Мy little weekly update Jun 15–21 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 4 Difficulty - 141 posters