Boots on the Ground


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m starting a test ad campaign in my city (the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia). The goal is finding new app programmers for the SAFE network.

I’ve prepared 10,000 posters which I will lay down in the next few months.

This is the Bulgarian version:

This is the English version if someone wants to use it:


Nice but $10 of ads on FB or AdWords Insta etc would go much further


Will you visit it schools?


The schools has controlled access and can not get in without permission. But I will stick one poster on each apartment block in the city :wink:


I would argue that most devs, at least the kind interested in Safe’s principled engineering, have blocked Facebook and Google services at the firewall level years ago. :slight_smile:


Do you have a list of all of the types of places where you’ll leave the posters? You mentioned apartment buildings, what about hacker spaces and [internet] cafes?


Perhaps taking the word to the forums/social networks where developers hangout might be a good tactic.


There are several business buildings where I will put posters + the place where the crypto community gathers


this is true, but one is to see text on the screen, another is on paper … Physical touch gives density to things :wink:


This is a very good idea. Proactive little campaigns like this are great for gaining attention. Love it :grin:


Although that’s a separate campaign from @dimitar’s, I agree that dev-to-dev outreach is important regardless of the setting. We want much more of both online and off.


This is an excellent idea dimitar and I wish you the very best of luck. You have a good range with 10,000 leaflets and the poster looks great. :wink:


I agree LB! This is the right time to be on the street talking about crypto, just be SAFE when doing it, couldn’t help myself, I’m on a ‘Pun Run’ today. :roll_eyes:


Spread it on fakebook while you can.

What’s $5M x 2B people?

Update: make that 1B people.