Boots on the Ground


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m starting a test ad campaign in my city (the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia). The goal is finding new app programmers for the SAFE network.

I’ve prepared 10,000 posters which I will lay down in the next few months.

This is the Bulgarian version:

This is the English version if someone wants to use it:


Nice but $10 of ads on FB or AdWords Insta etc would go much further


Will you visit it schools?


The schools has controlled access and can not get in without permission. But I will stick one poster on each apartment block in the city :wink:


Perhaps taking the word to the forums/social networks where developers hangout might be a good tactic.


There are several business buildings where I will put posters + the place where the crypto community gathers


this is true, but one is to see text on the screen, another is on paper … Physical touch gives density to things :wink:


This is a very good idea. Proactive little campaigns like this are great for gaining attention. Love it :grin:


This is an excellent idea dimitar and I wish you the very best of luck. You have a good range with 10,000 leaflets and the poster looks great. :wink:


I agree LB! This is the right time to be on the street talking about crypto, just be SAFE when doing it, couldn’t help myself, I’m on a ‘Pun Run’ today. :roll_eyes:


Spread it on fakebook while you can.

What’s $5M x 2B people?

Update: make that 1B people.


After a little delay from the printing house, I finally got the posters!

And of course, I was impatient to stick them to some residential complexes:

Proof of work: Block 1 Difficulty - 94 posters :wink:


True believer! nice work…looking forward to any reports of success.


Thanks, but as seen by the posters I advertise directly and can not track its visits :slight_smile:

Overall, my plan is to distribute the posters every day, but I will post updates on progress once a week so as not to spam very much :wink:

Although I do not expect a great response, in advertising is important to be seen… The first time the reaction is “what this stupidity is”. Then comes Alpha 3 and the reaction is “still that stupidity”. Then comes Alpha 4 and the reaction is “let me check this nonsense anyway”… :smiley:


Мy little weekly update Jun 3–7 :slight_smile:

Proof of work - Block 2 Difficulty - 135 posters


Amazing @dimitar! You’re definitely in the running for SAFEst community member of the week :wink: Respect for all that hard work :trophy:


OK @dimitar thanks so much for your hard work. Now I have some silly ideas:

  1. Instead of/in addition to inviting people to a website, why not invite them to a meetup (or have a series of meetups)? Then you can use your personal charm to interact with them. It will be friendly, and fun. There can be free beer, so everyone is appropriately happy. A website is so impersonal. Someone who is currently a dev could answer questions and give programming advice.
  2. Why not put some study material on the flyer? Put the names of some books that teach programming or other required dev skills. Or put the names of those books on the website. Or how about the names of websites that offer online tutorials for dev skills?
  3. How about a detailed action plan? There are going to be many people who want to change the world but just don’t know where to start. So provide a list of detailed steps to transition from do-nothing loser to world-changing maidsafe developer.

If you’re working so hard to get this info out to people, make sure it’s the most powerful info available.


Thanks for the ideas, @Secretariat415 ! I’ll put them all in use when the time comes :slight_smile:


Of course you can.

Create a separate URL solely dedicated to the posters, then simply redirect or use an alias.
I used to do this myself.

In fact I may even send some traffic to your site from Australia if you don’t mind?

Is this your site? Or is it Maids?


this is the official MaidSafe developer site…

I do not want to redirect because I have already printed a 10000 poster and will go unnecessarily expensive to do it again whit new URL :slight_smile:

If @maidsafe want to see what traffic has come from the posters, they can easily see the Bulgarians IPs and tell us :wink: