Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign

Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 7272
Posters this week: 505
Proof of work 26: It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :cloud_with_snow::snowflake::cloud_with_snow: but you can see my HeatMap:fire::man_dancing::fire:


Respect to continue with such weather! :hiking_boot:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site state for the last 2 months (I installed the counting software “statcounter” at the beginning of the campaign in early October)

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 7822
Posters this week: 550
Proof of work 26 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:

Edit: I found a useful feature in the statcounter that sends weekly statistics:


@Dimitar thanks so much for all of your hard work. You truly are an inspiration to all of us.

I have an idea. After a few months, you could have a Maidsafe meetup in your town. To advertise the meetup, you could put a little message on the website. Or you could direct them to where you would organize the meetup . If you have money left over after paying for your posters, you could pay for some pizza and beer at the meetup. You could raffle off some T-shirts or Maidsafecoin. There could even be some buying/selling of crypto like a live mini-exchange.

The goal is to get people talking, to get the buzz going. Right now you are doing the work of 100 people. But wouldn’t it be great to get 100 people excited and passionate so they could market Maidsafe as well? That’s how you get exponential results.


@Secretariat415 this is a very good idea, thank you. The best time will be when Alpha 3 comes out. I hope it’s not over many months… :wink:


There’s always things to show, and nice to have more communities growing :+1: for example you could show them the current Alpha 2 apps running, give them links to how to create their own apps, and go through other materials from the forum and elsewhere.

I’ve done this many times in many countries now and can point you to things on this forum or things / materials / presentations I’ve put together that get good responses from Meetup audiences.

This isn’t just meant to be pointed at you, but anyone reading this who considers making a SAFE Meetup right away and doesn’t know what to show.


@whiteoutmashups I agree with you. However, it is important to note that each of these things is covered in the site: Alpha 2 apps, links to the dev forum, translation of Primer and so on…

Of the nearly 700 people entered on the site over 100 have spent over 20 minutes in it and have been returning many times. For example, this person from today:

Date Time WebPage (Keywords Unavailable)
29 Nov 22:46: 52
29 Nov 22:51: 46двете-страни-на-мрежата-клиенти-и-трез/ (Keywords Unavailable)
29 Nov 22:52: 03
29 Nov 22:52: 07новини-15-11-1018/
29 Nov 22:53: 28 SAFE Network Dev Update - November 15, 2018 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
29 Nov 23:04: 54
29 Nov 23:05: 14 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
29 Nov 23:06: 37
29 Nov 23:07: 46
29 Nov 23:08: 44 (Download)
29 Nov 23:08: 54
29 Nov 23:09: 30
29 Nov 23:10: 05
29 Nov 23:10: 11
29 Nov 23:51: 02
29 Nov 23:51: 13 (Exit Link) (Keywords Unavailable)
2 Dec 11:25: 58
2 Dec 11:27: 45новини-22-11-1018/
2 Dec 11:36: 54новини-22-11-1018/новини-22-11-1018/
2 Dec 11:37: 06
2 Dec 11:37: 42 (Exit Link)
2 Dec 12:50: 52
2 Dec 12:51: 47
2 Dec 12:52: 29новини-22-11-1018/
2 Dec 12:52: 31
(No referring link)
2 Dec 17:28: 45
(No referring link)
2 Dec 17:29: 43
2 Dec 17:30: 20
2 Dec 17:32: 00 (Exit Link)
2 Dec 17:32: 02
2 Dec 17:33: 08
2 Dec 22:04: 39 (Exit Link)
2 Dec 22:38: 29 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
2 Dec 22:39: 28
2 Dec 22:39: 34
2 Dec 22:42: 01
2 Dec 22:42: 54за-maidsafe/
2 Dec 22:42: 57 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
2 Dec 22:44: 03
2 Dec 22:44: 07
2 Dec 22:44: 15 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
2 Dec 22:47: 30
2 Dec 22:47: 43
2 Dec 22:48: 06
2 Dec 22:48: 16 (Exit Link)
(No referring link)
3 Dec 23:29: 33
3 Dec 23:30: 15
3 Dec 23:30: 23
3 Dec 23:30: 39
3 Dec 23:35: 44
(No referring link)
4 Dec 00:09: 36
4 Dec 00:10: 39приложен-програмен-интерфейс-dom/приложен-програмен-интерфейс-dom/
4 Dec 00:10: 54
4 Dec 00:10: 57
4 Dec 00:11: 01 (Exit Link)
4 Dec 00:13: 43началото-на-crust-теста/?fbclid=IwAR1PuAyPHIXEAmi-TgqlOmn59uz7RCdYIESBTqyOyN28cdD27uRVL_-2l5w
4 Dec 00:13: 50 (Exit Link)
4 Dec 00:14: 14началото-на-crust-теста/?fbclid=IwAR1PuAyPHIXEAmi-TgqlOmn59uz7RCdYIESBTqyOyN28cdD27uRVL_-2l5w

If you look at what he has done on the site for the last 4 days you will see that he:

My point is that when you study for yourself is much better than someone can give you everything without you working for it…

I’ve been presenting the SAFE Network to many people for the last 4 years, but everyone I’ve been talking to initially is interested how he can make money from the SAFE Network. The spark that awakened my initial interest was also greed. :wink:

Maybe in countries where the basic needs of a person are covered is different. But in the poorest country in Europe with an average monthly income of 400 euros people are more interested in the economic side of things…

So for me what should be advertised initially is how an ordinary person can make money with the free resource on his computer. I personally intend to advertise this in Bulgaria, but for now, the poster campaign is aimed at curious people who want to self-educate.

That said, I have a list of places where meetings can be held and I plan to organize such. I attend the monthly meetings of Bitcoin in Sofia and from them I have seen what types of people are visiting them. At this stage, there is no point in making such meetings in Sofia for the SAFE Network…

Edit: I forgot to say that the second most important goal of the posters is the average person to gets used of seeing the SAFE Network brand. I began to stick posters 2 months ago, but in many places the posters are still standing.

So, thousands of people may have no interest in going to the site now, but every day for months they see the posters and get used to them… Next year I will continue with the posters. I have already prepared a more distinctive campaign. Something that has never been seen so far in this type of advertising …:wink:

So my goal is to build confidence in the SAFE Network brand. And this can only be done with perseverance and discipline. In the coming years my HeatMap will become hotter :wink:


Haha clearnet “privacy” at its finest :joy:

But still nothing wrong with growing communities and face to face groups.

I’m sure that while that one person seemed to get it, even he would have questions here and there. Not to mention everyone else.

Either way is great though, amazing amazing amazing work. You’re truly an outstanding community member, there has to be more we can do to thank you


Thank you Will, you must know that your efforts over the years have been my inspiration… :slight_smile:



Leveraging individuals’ greed towards supporting and strengthening a commons that everyone benefits from is a very powerful concept. This is not new, but developers can often forget or gloss over it.

Maidsafe’s consensus algorithm has a fairly low attack threshold, which can be mitigated by the mass adoption of the project, mostly by non-technical users. These users may not care about a decentralised internet but they do care to earn some passive income from their spare computing/storage resources. This has to work for them.

Easier said than done. That free money ** has to come from somewhere, so you need paying users, and for those paying users the product needs to be competitive in the cloud storage marketplace. Most of them won’t care that it’s decentralised, they care that it offers good value for money.

So to summarize, @Dimitar you are approaching this with the right attitude. Keep up the great work, and hope others will get inspired by what you’re doing. I know I am.

** we know it’s not really free money. There is a cost to running a node, even at home, but that cost is difficult to measure, and can often be overlooked or ignored by users. That’s OK.


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 8154
Posters this week: 332
Proof of work 27 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:

Edit: weekly statistics


Hello friends :slight_smile:

I moved my weekly update with a few days so I can use the statistics generated by statcounter.

Here are the site visits this week:
1 2

Total Posters: 8504
Posters this week: 350
Proof of work 28 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:

A friend told me that in a facebook group are discussing the posters, so here’s a little feedback:

Unfortunately, the group is closed and I can not get involved in the discussion, but I paid attention to the remarks and installed SSL Certificate for :slight_smile:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

this is the last update for the year and you can see how we did here:

And here are the site visits this week:
2 3

Total Posters: 9442
Posters this week: 574
Proof of work 30 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:

This week I translated the article # Keeping 2018 SAFE and SOLID in Bulgarian:пазим-2018-safe-and-solid/


Total Posters: 9442
Posters this week: 574

That’s amazing @Dimitar. The time and energy you put in leaves me breathless. Thank you again, have a Happy and prosperous New Year :partying_face:


Wow such commitment, impressed by both you and people donating to print the posters. Hoping for Alpha 3 in the near future!


Hello friends :slight_smile:

Here are the site visits this week:

1 2

Total Posters: 9942
Posters this week: 500
Proof of work 31 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

This week the site reached the first 1,000 unique visitors! It took 102 days :smiley: These are 10 new people a day that already know about the SAFE Network!

Here are the site visits this week:
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Total Posters: 10189
Posters this week: 247
Proof of work 32 : It’s too cold and rainy to take pictures in Sofia :fire::fire::fire: but you can see my HeatMap :fire::fire::fire:

This week I translated in Bulgarian:


Amazing work @Dimitar, if I was wearing a hat I would take my hat off to you. :cowboy_hat_face:


I plan to visit your country to visit a friend who moved out last there last year.
He is not far from sofia.
If i do make it over ill have to try and say hello and buy you some beers.

Thanks for all your effort.


Wonderful! I’ll keep you an original poster :wink: