Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign


I think we all are both humbled and inspired. Every single one of us can be the very thing that makes this all work, from doing some code, writing an article (looking at you @goindeep and others), doing talks (so many) and there is one single thing all of the people who may make this work have in common. A positive attitude coupled with a get it done approach to things. I doubt it will be the negative opinions that will push this over the line, but real belief and an honest days work that will get it done.

The critics who provide nothing but critique can bask in the glory of their overwhelming nothingness and watch while they put cream on their own shoulders after patting them so much in self-adoration.

It is always gonna be the do’ers, the triers, the crazy ones, the people who break the rules, follow their dreams and most of all smile all along that path. These people like @dimitar and many many more are what will give this project such a great chance of success. I believe the real marketing is this, honest and simple ways to get the message out there. It’s not rocket science, it can, of course, be criticised by the weaker minded types, but 100% it works and most of all it can be so much fun and positive energy for many of us. Just reading this thread is really a boost of energy for us all to keep going.

Thanks again @dimitar your boots are definitely on the ground and I hope many follow you.


Thank you, @dirvine!

When one stands in front of something as big as the SAFE Network, he can only say “If I win, I win for all mankind - if I lose, I lose only myself”

It is indeed humbling to be part of something so great and that you can contribute…


The posters are ready, I’m happy how they sit :slight_smile:


Who can tell us if we are getting much in the way of traffic and or any actual interested technical folks coming in from these flyers? Would be great to know.


Hello @goindeep , with the next update, I will also post visit data on the Bulgarian site.

In the forum we have one registered confirmed: Introduce yourself

But it is still important to note how poster advertising works. When people see something new for the first time, they usually consider it nonsense. Even the most brilliant of us tend to be wrong for things that never existed before, see this post by David regarding bitcoin What’s up today?

So at first the new is rejected. But then you see a second poster for the SAFE Network - Alpha 3 version, later for Alpha 4, and you think “I know this… let me look again”…

And one day you will see poster “Earn money with the free resources on your computer on the SAFE Network!”. But this time it will not be something new for you and you will check it out… I hope :stuck_out_tongue:

So perseverance is important, discipline is important, this is a game of numbers. Maybe it will take years before we see big growth, but it is important that one does what he believes and I believe in the future of the SAFE Network!


I actually saw that one on my door, in mladost 1. YOU SPAMMER.


Not with an “all out massive action” > direct marketing, offline > online, approach.

That’s what direct marketing is for , time compression , so you end up with a big footprint/network effect in 2-5 years, rather than 10 years, to decades with traditional (still highly valuable and needs to be done) methods alone.

And (as you say) just wait until we can dangle “The Carrot(s)” in front of people, with
so many opportunities stemming from farming/ App development it will make peoples heads spin round and round like a helicopter.

Maidsafe and community marketing + Direct Marketing = Energy = Take the market away, quickly.

I will definitely be joining in.
Thanks for all the great effort, taking it to the streets! :sunglasses:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are some data from the site:
There are people who come back to the site and look in detail. I’m happy with the result for a start. :slight_smile:

Total Posters: 3540
Posters this week: 720
Total Time this week: 31h 30m
Total Distance this week: 52 km
Proof of work 20:

October 5, 2018
October 6, 2018
October 7, 2018
October 8, 2018
October 9, 2018
October 10, 2018
October 11, 2018


That’s really impressive @dimitar

You’ve worked for this and the results are there. Well done!


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 4168
Posters this week: 628
Proof of work 21:

I also translated in Bulgarian this post from medium about SAFE-Fleming:следващата-голяма-стъпка/


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 4821
Posters this week: 653
Proof of work 22:


Do you think it is reasonable to infer that you are receiving about a 59% hit rate from your poster placement efforts? I would say that is pretty impressive.


The hit rate is 100% :smiley: the site has been online for 2 years, but no one visited it before the posters…
Thanks to them even 3 people joined the facebook group


Maybe we should all be doing this.

There are agencies in the UK that will distribute leaflets in local newspapers delivered door to door… does sometimes depend upon whether the newspaper boy decided to dump them in a skip or not.


Since the beginning of the month, the site has 274 unique visits:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

here are the site visits this week:

Total Posters: 5628
Posters this week: 807
Proof of work 23 :


I really want… no I REALLY NEED your t-shirt… Damn! It’s so good. Any key how to get/buy/make/print/build one? :slightly_smiling_face:


Wanted you to know that bubble headed sponsored media anchors in the US use that phrase “boots on the ground” incessantly to market profiteering pre-emptive wars of agression.

Its got a kind of implicit condescending sneer that is off the scale. I hate it. It generally depicts in my mind the US raiding a ‘3rd’ world nation from the air to save the habitants from their natural resources. And implies that this is expected and therefore accepted. Anyone that has been a boot on the ground may understand.


Hi @NaturaLogic you can see this topic :wink: (and of course if you can send a small donation to them):

I’m sorry about this @Warren, I did not know…


Don’t feel bad though, a lot of us didn’t know USA people felt that way or took it that way. I had heard it used that way by some in the USA but didn’t see it as a universal thing, but just a term to say going out to do a job involving walking etc.