Boots on the Ground - Alpha 2 campaign

Hello friends :slight_smile:

at @whiteoutmashups suggestion, I’m starting a new campaign to promote the SAFE network Alpha 2 with posters to the general public in Bulgaria.

This time I will advertise the Bulgarian community site because not everyone knows English and I want to track the effect:

I began to translate @JPL guide for Alpha 2 in Bulgarian :

At the moment the posters design is made by whiteoutmashups and when done I will print them.

The printing house gave me a price of 0.025 euro (0.0295$) for a poster, so
anyone who wants can join as a contributor donating posters and I will stick them on your behalf:
100 posters = 2.5 euro (2.95$)
1000 posters = 25 euro (29.5$)
2000 posters = 50 euro (59$)

If you join as a donor, send me your name in a private message to add you to the page with Patreons:

Addresses for contributions:
Bitcoin: 3GwqodTvne3BUo1D8oEZbj4b8x9k4bcxdd
Litecoin: M7yUqCosTP4FshUAfoKpaC4BvARt3d4Xe4
Ether: 0xF10e25663AD91cc4C479C8d665B414ca4EAadE60

At @BIGbtc suggestion, I started to document the entire Boots on the Ground campaign in detail for the children of my children :wink:

Total Posters: 2634
Posters this week: 201
Total Time this week: 9h 1m
Total Distance this week: 23.2 km
Proof of work 18:
Bonus clip: Posters - YouTube

(I began to write down the details on Monday, so without the work I ran Friday-Sunday)
September 24, 2018 10.9 km Ride Activity on September 24, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava

September 25, 2018 9.3 km Ride Activity on September 25, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava

September 27, 2018 3.0 km Ride Activity on September 27, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava


Someone sent a donation of 11,000 posters, thank you very much! :slight_smile: I add you to the Patreons page like Anonymous donor:


Send you some Litecoins

hope you can get a few posters from that, hope more people donate.

Bravo to whoever donated 11K posters



Do you need anymore donations or will these 13000 posters keep you busy for quite some time?


thank you very much @19eddyjohn75 for the support and for yours 2300 posters! I added you to the Patreons page :slight_smile:


Don’t have to add me really, thanks for doing this real work in the real world. It’s way more valuable than to just talk about stuff, hope you reach a lot of people (who knows you can start your own SAFE Network meetings as a result).


These 13,000 posters plus the other 4,000 total of 17,000 :wink: will be enough for the next 2-3 months so if more come they will be for subsequent campaigns…


I will post information on a weekly basis, I hope so…


I can not connect with @whiteoutmashups for a whole week, so I lost patience and made a poster:

pdf ENG version

png BG version


You are right, of course, but it is important to note that this poster will be placed at the entrance to your apartment. It’s not like seeing it on the street somewhere…

Plus I want it to have as little as possible text on the poster, so to be beautiful and not to be removed by the people.


Perhaps you can check out how a QR like this one looks like on it, maybe at a corner:
SAFE Network QR Code generator

(just in case you weren’t aware of it, and it came out from this community on this thread)


Thank you, however, to note that QR codes are not popular in Bulgaria and I will not put it on the Bulgarian version, but English is ready if someone wants to print it:

pdf ENG QR code version


Perfect my plan worked :joy: :joy: (jk)

Didn’t know my contribution was expected within 2 days, have several responsibilities that would have made that aggressive timeline impossible.

Glad you went ahead early with it.

If you still need help at some reasonable time I’m definitely always here though. Just balancing everything over here.

Great job :+1:


Hi Will, I know you’re busy, but after you did not even reply briefly to my personal message I decided to act … after all, I sent you a PM 10 days ago.

If you decide to make a better poster of course I will be happy :slight_smile:


Hello friends :slight_smile:

the posters are not printed yet, but I made 5000 flyers which I will hand out at universities, business parks, and so on:

For the text I used this @dirvine post: How would YOU market the SAFE Network to the general public?

Total Posters: 2820
Posters this week: 186
Total Time this week: 12h 51m
Total Distance this week: 43.54 km
Proof of work 19 :
HeatMap: Log In | Strava

September 28, 2018 8.9 km Ride Activity on September 28, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava
September 30, 2018 9.8 km Ride Activity on September 30, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava
October 1, 2018 8.6 km Ride Activity on October 1, 2018 by Safe Network B. on Strava
October 3, 2018
October 4, 2018

I finished translating @JPL guide for Alpha 2 in Bulgarian. So JPL I’m sorry to tell you that your cat is no longer the best one on the SAFE Network :frowning: :


I’ll second that.

Amazing work there. Would not surprise me if your town/city will be one of the early adopters of SAFE compared to any other town/city.

Love your kitten. Did you call it Ace or did you call it Spades? It looks as black as our cat and my son called it Spades.


I’m here for the long walk, so I’ll see that done :stuck_out_tongue: Initially I do not expect a big effect, but quantitative accumulations lead to qualitative changes :wink:

It’s called Ashi, the most gentle kitten that I had. Of course it wakes me up at 4 am… :smiley:


Very inspirational to watch the commitment. Yesterday I got a thought in my head if maybe it could be possible to do a community world wide Zuckerberg marketing 2.0 in the future. The marketing of facebook by introducing the social network on universities was in my opinion genius low cost marketing, alot of mostly young people in a high density area of universities with alot of social interactions and an eager to learn and explore new things. Maybe a SAFE-network alpha 4 with Patter could be the next Zuckerberg marketing strategy reborn. :slight_smile: Just me thinking out loud by inspiration of your work @Dimitar.


I think we all are both humbled and inspired. Every single one of us can be the very thing that makes this all work, from doing some code, writing an article (looking at you @goindeep and others), doing talks (so many) and there is one single thing all of the people who may make this work have in common. A positive attitude coupled with a get it done approach to things. I doubt it will be the negative opinions that will push this over the line, but real belief and an honest days work that will get it done.

The critics who provide nothing but critique can bask in the glory of their overwhelming nothingness and watch while they put cream on their own shoulders after patting them so much in self-adoration.

It is always gonna be the do’ers, the triers, the crazy ones, the people who break the rules, follow their dreams and most of all smile all along that path. These people like @Dimitar and many many more are what will give this project such a great chance of success. I believe the real marketing is this, honest and simple ways to get the message out there. It’s not rocket science, it can, of course, be criticised by the weaker minded types, but 100% it works and most of all it can be so much fun and positive energy for many of us. Just reading this thread is really a boost of energy for us all to keep going.

Thanks again @Dimitar your boots are definitely on the ground and I hope many follow you.


Thank you, @dirvine!

When one stands in front of something as big as the SAFE Network, he can only say “If I win, I win for all mankind - if I lose, I lose only myself”

It is indeed humbling to be part of something so great and that you can contribute…