Bookmarking should popup an optional choise

It should say do you want to bookmark this version? Both current website and current version?

So the user chooses the stability or the latest to bookmark or both

Edit: I am talking about the safe browser when you bookmark a safe website (with the new mockups I got the idea having versions now in a website/file/app


It would be super handy if you could reference what app / version / UI / screen you are talking about when making a feature request, or observation. Perhaps even a screen grab? It’s not clear to me what you referencing.



As requested, just having coffee :smiley:

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As per the mockups, you can bookmark the current page, and visiting via that bookmark will always give you the latest version (what happens when to visit a URL without the ?v= version at the end), or you can bookmark individual versions by clicking the bookmark star when a version is selected in the Version History.

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You don’t understand me, there should be a choice when on current web page that doesn’t have version set in address, people should choose right after clicking bookmark if they want to bookmark the version that they view now or bookmark the always current version aka the last that will be available when they navigate to the bookmark they made


Ah yes, I see what you mean now. We may have to provide for that, sure. Whether or not it should be a pop-up choice for each page you try and bookmark is another question though, it could get pretty annoying… perhaps that option be show when the Version History pane is open. Will look into it when we get to the bookmarking flow designs.


I base it on Firefox where whenever you bookmark a popup shows that you can disregard but if you like to put it in a folder or add tags you can right there after just pressing the bookmark button,

If you disregard it and click elsewhere the bookmark is not lost but just automaticly put in a default place and the popup disapears

Does bookmarking save the URL with the current domain/account name or does it store the XOR URL? I’ve not been keeping fully up to speed with this, but I assume it relates to how a version could be bookmarked.

It would be good to know that the bookmarked version will be perpetual and exactly as previously retrieved, when this is desirable.

Edit: All variations should probably be saved to the bookmark, so the current version, chosen version, XOR version can all be retrieved. Perhaps an ability to set the default behaviour for each link would be desirable.

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Hey @dreamerchris! Thanks for the suggestion. we’ll get into the bookmark flow in due course, but we’ll keep your suggestion in mind. we’ll be looking into the best usable solution for people.