Bob Lutz GM vice chairman: Elon Musk has achieved nothing

Lutz: Tesla is supported by cult members and is profitless and Musk has done nothing and is no Steve Jobs. Sounds just like Romney: Tesla is a loser

Tesla dominates US luxury car market for a few years now double the share of Mercedes or BMW really knocking them out while increasing its lead with just one and then two models. Made electric cars real. Made autonomous driving real. Built out a charger network. Model 3 is possibly biggest auto-pre order in history. Is about be the biggest lithium battery producer. Has embarrased the hell out of exotic makes. Is about to anounce a roof top battery recharge system that will cut the corf on the utilities and the gas station. Is about to have the top solar residential producer. Has just revolutionized power storage with double density batteries. Has a solid vision for the future and is doing something. Under spacx did single stage to orbit and back, recovery of reusable booster in cargo system, viable accelerated mars plan, also pay pal. Set to do electric semi trucks.

Lutz was a fighter pilot and helped preside over GMs downfall and like Romney has been purchased by oil.

Lutz negativly compares musk to Jobs. Jobs personal computing, Apple, Next, Pixar (later) smart phone, tablet revolution with iPad, ipod music business reboot, biggest come back with Apple, biggest company, great quality, retail revolution, smashing Adobe, quasi American CES revival, cutting his pay to $1, getting rid of dividends and pissing on stupid share holder profit demands.

Jobs is great but Tesla is doing even better. If Jobs were alive he would I think appreciate Tesla and back it.