BnkToTheFuture fundraising: I have the money, can I invest?

I want to invest on this fundraising, but there are requirements to be a “Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor”:

  • Have been a member of a syndicate or network of business angels for at least six months
  • Have made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the last two years
  • Have worked in a professional capacity in the private equity sector or financing small and medium sized firms in the last two years
  • Have been a director of a company with annual turnover of £1 million or more in the last two years

It’s only required to agree with ONE of the above statements, but still yet, I never had been a director of a £1 million company, nor had been an angel investor before. Can I still invest on it if I have the money?

There’s some things to consider before advancing. It was discussed from here on, for example.
Maybe that’ll help with your decision.

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You can only buy OTC from a share holder as far as I know. I think Bnktothefuture are pretty good about allowing that kind of thing though. If you can find someone willing to part with some it should be easy enough to set up with them.


Probably best if you contact bnktothefuture and ask whether they know someone who wants to get rid of their shares.

//edit If you do, tell me how to contact them :laughing:


I’m willing to sell shares at $900.00 a share.

SPV shares? Wasn’t one share like 20 Pounds?

You got the operative word “was” correct. It was about 20 pounds.

That was before maid safe skyrocketed to .23-.25 cents and before the investment community behind Maidsafe (guys like myself) took all the investment risk. Remember we invested all the successive iterations of the alpha network.

So what we have now is .0035% ownership of what will be a multi-billion dollar internet killing company up for sale.

So yes, $900.00 a share… <3

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I see :slight_smile:

Tbh for me not much has changed other than we are closer to the goal. But if I were you I wouldn’t sell my shares either, so I get it.

I just realized I never went back and clarified my teasing.

My point is that price per share right now is very much open to how the market interprets the value of the shares.

I can also say that the value has “matured” given that a finished product is the result of progress being delivered, and therefore more services have been rendered.


It’s always just the markets interoretation, isn’t it? But no worries I didn’t misunderstand it. But I won’t buy them for 900+ either :slight_smile:

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