BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising FINISHED! | $ 1,591,514 raised! |

UPDATE: MaidSafe rebuilding secure decentralised internet with BnkToTheFuture equity fundraising

Everybody will be able to buy a bit of equity from MaidSafe, starting today!


5% has been sold already and we’re just heading into the second hour of the fundraising.

We’ll be updating this thread with how the fundraising goes, all other discussion about the equity sale can be done here.


After a bit more than 24 hours after officially going live, the sale already reached the
200,000 USD mark! Very good to see this comes from more than 50 backers already, 52 at the moment.


With 26 days remaining, the counter is at $245,748. Almost 10% of the total funds has been raised in the first 5 days of the sale.


22 days remaining and until now 77 investors bought 10% of the total sale for $282,367!



For everyone that can’t access the bnktothefuture forum:

We believe that BnkToTheFuture qualifying investors want to invest in the MaidSafe pitch, but the lack of incentive for investing early has probably caused many to hold back. To address this issue, and to give everyone an extra thank you for the support, we are going to be offering everyone who invests in our pitch two bonuses, one from us and one from BnkToTheFuture.


Those of you who follow MaidSafe will know that MaidSafeCoin currently exists and is currently traded on a number of exchanges. MaidSafeCoin is a proxy token for Safecoin and will be traded on a 1:1 basis when Safecoin goes live on the SAFE Network.

Safecoin is the currency that can only be used within SAFE, and the distribution of Safecoin is handled entirely by the network on a per use basis.

The Safecoins that we will be offering to early investors will be amongst the first to be farmed on the network by MaidSafe. This is a great way to be involved in the SAFE Network story while also receiving a little slice of history.

The Safecoin will be delivered both digitally, as per a normal transfer, but also on a uniquely branded memory stick as a memento and thank you, providing investors verifiable proof of being an early adopter and supporter of MaidSafe and the SAFE Network.

These Safecoin will be allocated with the ID of the individual claiming the reward and delivery of these coins will be made as soon as Safecoin has been integrated into the network. This offer will be backdated to investors that have already taken part in our BnkToTheFuture funding round.

For the duration of the fundraising campaign, the amount of Safecoin you receive will relate to the amount that you invest. The incentive is offered on a decreasing sliding scale so if you are looking to maximise the offer we suggest you get in early.

Sep 12 - Sep 26th - 1 safecoin for every £2 invested
Sep 27th - 30th Sep - 1 safecoin for every £5 invested
2nd Oct - 5th Oct - 1 safecoin for every £8 invested
7th Oct - 9th Oct - 1 safecoin for every £11 invested


All investors in this pitch will also receive bonus Bitcoin mining hash power that will pay them Bitcoin dividends everyday BUT only for as long as the mining process is profitable and or until it expires.

The earlier you invest the more hash power you will receive and the more Bitcoin you will receive as a “thank you” for investing in MaidSafe.

How much Bitcoin mining hash power will I receive as a bonus?

Mining power will pay you Bitcoins every day for as long as the Bitcoin mining process is profitable and is available with zero technical knowledge or input from you.

How many Bitcoins you receive each day depends on the everyday price of Bitcoin, the difficulty rate of mining Bitcoin, the daily maintenance fee and the amount of hash power you receive. We take care of all the technical stuff, you just receive the coins to your BF account each day with an email to let you know how many you are receiving.

The price and difficulty rate of mining Bitcoin is 100% market driven and we have no control over it. The maintenance fee is automatically taken from the coins generated each day and is fixed at the same rate for all. How much Hash power you receive depends on the amount invested and how early you invest as outlined below.

You will receive:

100 GH/s of Bitcoin mining Hash power for every £1,000 invested in this pitch round ONLY and PRIOR to September 26th 2016.
75 GH/s for every £1,000 invested before 12 Midnight GMT on 30th September 2016.
50 GH/s for every £1,000 invested before 12 Midnight GMT on 5th October 2016.
25 GH/s for every £1,000 invested before 12 Midnight GMT on 9th October 2016.
How do we define profitability?

$0.00026 per GH/s per day will be deducted on a daily basis from the generated coins as a maintenance fee. Dividends stop if the coins mined and converted into USD does not exceed the daily maintenance fee for 20 consecutive days.

How will I receive my Bitcoin?

You will receive Bitcoins everyday paid to your BnkToTheFuture account or to an external wallet when you update your dividend settings on your account page once dividends are enabled.

You are also able to receive them in an alternative crypto currency like Ether or DASH which can be enabled in the dividends and wallet section of your account once we have enabled dividends.

We aim to start paying them 14 days after this pitch round expires and closes.

BnkToTheFuture shall reserve the right to refuse/deny, cancel or delete any fraudulent and illegal or Hash power bonus claims that was created under false credential, including inappropriate/trouble investor individuals and if in breach of our investor member eligibility terms and conditions. BF Investor member accounts created under fraud, illegal or false credentials shall be denied/refused Hash power bonus claims, or for any other reasons as per our terms and conditions BF shall reserve the right to claim refunds for Hash power dividends paid out from all cancelled BF individual investor member.

These bonuses and many other things were discussed in an Google Hangout with Simon, David and Nick. Enjoy!


After a great update from Maidsafe and BnkToTheFuture we’re now at 13% and have raised 343,976 with 17 days left. If you want to get a **1 safecoin bonus for every £2** you invest ( 1 safecoin per € 2,31 / 2,59) you need to get in today or tomorrow because that will change to 1 safecoin per every £5 you invest ( 1 safecoin per € 5,78 / $ 6,49) from September 27th - 30th September.

Next to the Safecoin bonus you receive 100 GH/s mining hash power from BnkToTheFuture as a bonus when you decide to invest before the 26th of September.


Now $429,539 raised, 16% (32% for minimum goal) with 15 days left.


Now $446,091 raised, 17% (34% of minimum goal) with 14 days left.


135 backers at this moment.


Now $472,581 raised, 18% (36% of minimum goal) with 12 days left


Now $1,129,391 raised, 43% (86% of minimum goal) with 12 days left.


Now $1,262,294 raised, 48% (96% of minimum goal) with 11 days left.


Now $1,291,458 raised, 49% (98% of minimum goal) with 10 days left.


It’s green :yum:


Now $1,313,909 raised, 51% (102% of minimum goal) with 8 days left.


Now $1,332,315 raised, 52% (104% of minimum goal) with 6 days left.


Quite an amount for 2 new backers :thumbsup:.


Now $1,471,827 raised, 58% (116% of minimum goal) with 5 days left.


Last 5 days to buy equity in Maidsafe in this round everybody! Unlike Maidsafecoin/Safecoin this isn’t something you can buy on an exchange whenever you want :slight_smile: so last chances for now.

And with the final days also comes the last video explaining MaidSafe’s business plan, this one focuses on revenue streams.