Bluzelle vs SAFE Network another Decentralized Data use-case

Aight so… I made a post last week discussing Data Analytics type services and how a potential function of the SAFE Network could be to take on these giants including Google Bigquery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, etc… Well, it looks like there is already a decentralized Data Analytics Storage ICO going on. Specifically Bluzelle.

I believe the idea is sound since I considered it a possibility before I stumbled upon this ICO but I am convinced they are just starting on a journey that MaidSafe has been traveling on for years already.

So why make a post at all? Well, really its just another use-case SAFE Network should be able to answer at some point which kinda feels like sour grapes for me given this ICO is backed by some serious investors like a16z. I find that any good use-case that exists in the decentralized space is almost always answered by this project yet no big publications?

I can’t help but feel that this project is a labor of love without a clear monetary benefit hence no noise about SAFE Network among the masses. Sure Safe Coin will have value but as everyone starts farming is that value negligible… like everyone will have more than enough Coin to go around, wouldn’t that be optimal? I don’t hold that many MaidSafeCoin since I just discovered it but I don’t give a shit about the damn value I just want this project to work and I wonder if focusing on something that attracts big investors is a way to give it the notoriety it truly deserves?

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I think this project is unique regarding third party development. Other projects copy and paste a blockchain, tweak slightly, launch it for their ICO and start building from there. This project is coming up on its home stretch to launch. There has never been a safe network, an autonomous network, there is nothing to copy and paste. I myself, believe that some are developing in the shadows because they cannot yet secure a domain, want first mover advantage, or perhaps even are developing something that they would insist upon their anonymity. I’ve had people share with me what they are up to but they just haven’t openly stated so on here and I’m not one to kiss and tell, so. Once we get to a persistent network and domains can be secured then I’m assuming you’ll see a surge of apps be presented. At that point SAFE’s potential and popularity will likely be undeniable.