Blockchain Venture Capitalist Brock Pierce owns 10% of all MaidsafeCoins

Brock Pierce is one of the most well known entrepreneurs and investors in the Bitcoin industry. He talks about buying 10% of the MaidsafeCoins during the ICO a bit past the 20 minute mark in this podcast. Good to see it is being held by strong hands.


Not for me, the more small holders the better IMO.

Off topic, but my reasoning is: Centralisation of power is fundamentally self destructive - without some balance mechanism nature eventually resorts to collapse. Limits on wealth are missing from our economic system and cause problems because some/many humans lack the ability to self limit, and regulation/laws are ineffective once individuals become too wealthy/powerful.


To quote from the podcast @22:13: ‘I think we owned like 10% of Maidsafe when it went live.’

Yes, I fully agree with this. I think one of the main reasons cryptocurrencies haven’t had mass adoption (yet), is that most people buy them to speculate. I’ve nothing against speculation/saving in crypto (in fact I’m very much in favour), but until people are earning it I think adoption will be limited. So I think that enabling people to do this by a process like farming, will be a major boost to the adoption and use of MaidSafeCoin.


Wow that’s a big chunk for one individual to own. Does anyone have any links for the spread of MAID ownership? Would he be the largest individual holder (outside of the founders?)

He might be a strong hand but as the others above have mentioned I’m not sure whether this is a good thing to have such centralisation of MAID.

I agree completely that more small holders would be better, but I think that for most Cryptocurrency’s and even Bitcoin, a large share of them are owned by a small number of individuals. It is just the way of markets and nature. Look up Pareto’s principle. The amount of money that wealthy individuals are pouring in the Cryptocurrency’s outweigh the amount of money totaled by small individuals. If we were to somehow unveil all the top individual owners of each Cryptocurrency, I think we would be surprised at how much centralization of the wealth there is. It would be better if the wealth was more decentralized for the reasons you stated but I think it is unrealistic to expect it to be so. And it is a free market in the end. So with that in mind I think in this case this is a positive for Maidsafe because at least Brock Pierce is a known individual within the space that has resources and power that can help Maidsafe grow and give other’s confidence in the project. Better him than a few unknown individuals who are just looking to make a profit from a price increase.


I don’t know if he’s the largest holder but the founders are not large holders because they did not receive preferential terms.

David has said that he bought a small amount on the same terms as everyone else - AFAIK no individual received MaidSafecoin without paying for it on an equal basis with everyone else.

David also donated his shares in MaidSafe to the MaidSafe Foundation so he and other MaidSafe employees earn shares on a similar basis as I understand it, while the Foundation both holds some Safecoin (issued in error due to problems with the crowdsale being part manual, part automated), and will receive a portion of Safecoin income from the network. The Foundation (a strictly regulated Scottish Charity) is therefore a major shareholder in MaidSafe, and in time perhaps also of Safecoin although it will doubt dispose of Safecoin in order to raise money to fund is charitable work (such as education and maker/fab lab type things).


10 percent is actually low compared to other alt.coins whalers.

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I just started digging some info about this Brock pierce fellow. He was involved in a pedophile scandal several years back along with a failed venture capital dalled DEN (Digital Entertainment Network). From interviews he seems like a nice dude, however when you start digging deep into his past you will find some really fucked up shit. It’s weird why a person like that would be in charge of holding so much capital in MaidSafe

Brock was part of Mastercoin as well…the same group that screwed up the crowdsale for MaidSafe…

I’m sure he and all his buddies dumped their Mastercoin in exchange for maidsafe. They are essentially getting rich from giving maidsafe worthless coins.

It’s pretty crappy to take on a client for an ICO, and then immediately use them as an exit strategy.


The biggest issue with knowing who owns what is that it is expected that any large holding will be across multiple addresses and maybe some in exchanges. Take Poloniex they have about 1/4 of MAID in their exchange (2 major addresses)

Anyhow here is the top 100 from yesterday (EDIT: wish I was in that list :disappointed_relieved:)

95000000   1Co1dhYDeF76DQyEyj4B5JdXF9J7TtfWWE     Poloniex cold storage
38130133   19h9LpXHVKEYzDJCKdhaXkmu3zavZdiyYk     Received some 44 million in crowdsale
15485826   1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh     Poloniex Hot Storage
8353026    1AoDUDd2qK9YU3ps5jzd6hWCzF2kLwUoiN
7096283    1BgQmAZ9wSEF5MvrN6dRopUBr1XDw1PAt
6175224    1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru     Bittrex Storage
5000000    133pYGsG2dDVFSsNK5RSuK7fQFmzjCNquY
5000000    1Bona24fYY3Qx2uFcnt6eDsWqao5vo6Mez
5000000    1LLV91m8jJuaD8tavssMcNu8GdLRu8Nz2n
4849734    12SdZk7Gd19zbvQZDF447PpHSpGY5SGYE2
4760000    1C8iR5wf4gwS3tynbCcvDejfCJUGGnNoNN
4097871    1NofB6eXoQpf17YEyPW44AQruWGCJ4oEWB
3569998    1KzHa54Qt7V75VmEsSjP2MddPxb7Mwr1fc
3366000    16mC4B1XUpmmSd6i7uYrhtDxNSW9kTGDPf
3108906    1PtK2QWJUM4bLc3pcx1CKuAeV79EYffzYJ
3014223    1KVwFECgxVsseZEu6BGbt63JwA9ntX7LwE
2808400    1DjAmmS6iSg5Xe6wYz37CAMAdvGTQoijiK
2709555    1SAFECM93tBBXsgcG6kcX9AT4JbtNCgHM
2602997    141QSMGUpBZ4Zb6bpetXkXDGiVTDgyc1Ae
2594244    1KSo785oZXsQg18uFXaZozTEvbGooqfqRU
2463680    18rABFNFz9KEv4uwqbfsuvTYggWhP3hSPc
2276003    1KTwWvhCF4EKCvH3tAYT1iq69XKTqxVRtC
2023000    1QB7CaqxmMuPbvB6sNyhEEJfybnxxRziLE
2000002    12mbxZZtDyVQmW6hffbHxJbpew3KWt8JqW
1958295    1M1JRZQ5EBBB7SpuVAGZnTSEtJWnqZG7vd
1914631    1PvD9PnRtTXg8QSxHg1NWLcB3McajstujV
1556680    1tuCjPZh4JzKjmfq7oJpY6Nf1aqTTqtXb
1554063    19991VXYczKr2oAm5VJZTggL8Lqr5ovByg
1502631    1JpmZ4e1iaR8DY5mp9pNQsjnuRye9kgx6s
1500000    1MSCXpZHRR9DJpGcnQT1Nr1VDcL25fXfbP
1427397    14q5ygGfTkYXok1xM22GUSxcpaY7gLvA5X
1309000    1E7FpwS2MFHoo4ebbSCj4ush5aQt6UeExm
1300000    1Dswdqa48bDyxekpbJ4qW8Vr5cWnGvP7i4
1300000    1Q7QpstZnzdL6nhoMVThUg9L5xzjxcMpTR
1265085    133mp2AUodLzB6q19isS2hSYezD61y2SCf
1256034    1M1HuXNZ1Jwe3KSatetspEWpBHjTCNLnhJ
1209237    17dgcavVGXcfUDUY2yU25p1LknudCVAiUU
1200004    1DScqdv3tnUcoE8R8NemueUT2DJc3YMGVg
1190003    1AnH52yPzxKFNXWFPUgP8MG2bX9dk4nnx3
1190000    1Cowr9dfpni7sppJmxtXogR69VJBajSWoL
1190000    1KG1wt3swq8kKKMLpdt5BtPrMiXSBrWiwk
1153593    16rKXAHW2u7x1CNR69uhj2v3G3K351UYwx
1126759    17Rj7BskqjPGb7To7WJaLYkmZSCgE4nzKZ
1117367    1DDbsaepUmHVsNshWXYjdjwgbze1G39D5j
1075000    112wHENy8m3YTpxTPRRoz3Evt26LPPi3mE
1068492    19MbFykxpafmv9pP1zrCnPAwBr6FqNk89U
1011111    1MsfeqwMNQKVfjaiaXqLStSRNTVqA6y93s
1000265    13EHWXaDgHk32KJFPTHY5XUbL4vVZgawgu
1000008    1gfBJ9sakqgR4gBHYJhpdih4KVzZA5aMr
1000000    19wt2r1DNn4ZmAAkzxgE4LWD6AYbqKoAEe
1000000    1H6jSB1EaueuVGN1jzRzh29aCrFJN2NpPE
1000000    1PdvS8ywFDnrag1ZKWyj9zYSuoXxuk7kHS
1000000    1PRTvBon2Uf2N43hFVFeDkWiDUkaAtuz6i
1000000    1XzpnDEwUWhxHd6Nom5k6FXiVXFLqZvC8
978465     1Ang38YzReauJxnbA741A3R78LfxSTdtUc
970410     1GoLDNSHMTMGPJzUL6PjnthNa3s2JVPepy
955527     1Brd9YsYnpaNTTKMFxzPkkJsXhCJBpWrn1
952000     1PoSHeNs4usDJ4HrZzTxMjfwcFvsaCx1cP
952000     1PyAFC5nhf7zetNzHLEqUXtNf7mYzchCbi
928200     1LUATh4WBCMSrTPk7NY7vMRGjpYm8VPoB3
892873     1G3Cyx194o3yLbKFmzR4NtNE6fxJSRowkp
888517     1EXzJoaBtSPS6v1wpy6SeEpG7VCpaZKyYU
845000     16naT4WwbAzmfykV7fhJnLBqejEDy9pUCt
818765     1QJnnqdn7p9Axc83fRixx1PKruHNmN6WXK
811486     1EjtWnN2ajif4MgxQppnYp4aBeKnJX3WHN
801239     1G99RsNcQCHmGsCGitRAan1Tt1vKPWDcRw
770117     197YVNtnwdBEABDW4FFXhFvV7FmXwYvoF1
756463     1J4yfpwfQvbY4bLH8JrEec2kbB7irRMwHh
741679     1D94E1Jp2TrnkH2qz1rVxhtMCDBgBapoKj
714000     1AjZ7JsXbDEMpNiuc5G9FNM6YcbhCkanmo
714000     1K6naxHXadhXAQJGQGxjYzrXdMUbBfGMYJ
706873     1Posw52WU7Ec7eUfh2TK1mkH5o6qqjUu1E
705470     1PtRdKZyBv7jqbAJuJfoeAeVvJjBAT99Mi
690368     1Mg8pdG8BfqiHq17JwaF3hinMab4BbXcBm
672027     16nMLExFdL7gpAi8NJiShZERzpb3FotrEk
658294     1C6Ws5w28MxTJ7g7VRbkoGivXDqt97Gkiz
644423     1A38TMC7o2mz1Xxf9VmaNByX47GrWgexeD
622847     1CJ7TTXcABofgVRF74mz5FW2vK4D59p5oT
621081     1LT689QftiPEvewznou5rGxNyo29pzKo8b
614080     1JgCeTU8NNRSm6AXuc2pAyzCy9yX6CWFTB
608232     1BbthWvgjMSUcuUPexD4GjJ1ui2YCY6WJU
600253     12TrtY3HspxRVPXt93FwKZcwVCpNtJoqJu
600198     1HfQcf3dS7t2zXxu4RWE24ZNuifzYQHrNB
595000     1EmmxKaHv325bGsVssUWfK7PPviy66LBbM
594994     1P1faTLebRYuXZ8SSERCFaiY5eB1jK65mQ
593794     1Am8qLdvRF7bZQ1eYreVY7n4vSTwHUEWrU
566112     13wUo7JdNnpELHwDeHHKaQVma1vMr2Hry8
557261     19PRP5LsgJfELBHrekmsDf3i6tJUdPz6q2
550000     1L5AUL3vEh2hvBbxJbtuwhbnWzid9W2gAW
547400     19aeHapvk2fz3LogbUb5uAKVRpccqS7gXH
537810     172Dj9mrxJZsBxZRCdeSJgpFDU33ui2R49
512176     1E7XDgPBzwxfjaniTPNDo2krnQfCHn32JW
509061     1C3ZEQjxKcdNzoXHs2NBPQyQfoHvn7ECks
508475     1DfH2hS9TiMax7GsMaUy3AZoyvo29SbV3s
508444     1JXMBZXRCEuqu2oYsFoj91c4tMrmQdAe2M
501562     16V2YtPEEU2wVfbTaKefWZJB6rFLmh98B7
500000     13yKyWA19NmWpZRJG9V9QN8c9LZ9B1jUHZ
500000     13YoV2NJ7rsG8JEnSynAMMVFg7KCAkoYNA
500000     164ipjiy1b8YqEL58wEmPoJ3BNaXKHHgTs

Care to share any evidence for this? It’s a pretty wild accusation you are making here. Being a new user makes it at least somewhat suspicious that your first post is one where you cast the project in a bad light by making some wild accusation about someone who may own a large amount of the MAID.

He’s not holding any capital in MaidSafe he supposedly owns a large amount of MAID, which is basically the same as holding BTC. And holding BTC doesn’t mean you are owning a part of any company or project. You’re (trying?) to make it look like someone who you accuse of having a troubled past is connected to this project.

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Here is all the evidence you need. I would not make such grievous accusations without facts to back it up. Pedophilia is no joke

BTW im not accusing anyone on this project, I think this project is fantastic and the developers are doing a hell of a job. I’m just sharing my thoughts and what I found with the community so we can have a discussion. That’s all.

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Well well well If that’s not passive aggressive…

Here’s his Wikipedia page:

It seems the claims were made 17 years ago when he was 18/19 years old. I’ve only read the wiki briefly and haven’t done much digging though.

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Correct, no one knows if they still hold any MAID at all.

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Okay, I guess the wording of your first post was just unfortunate then. Because it reads like you are directly connecting Brock Pierce to MaidSafe. And it seems there is barely a connection if any at all. In my opinion holding MAID coins doesn’t mean anything really. There’s no direct connection between the project / MaidSafe and Brock Pierce.

I read his Wikipedia page (thanks for the link @mailliam) and your accusation was indeed based on fact. I’m not going to watch the YT video since I’m not interested in learning more about Brock or what happened with DEN, but thanks for supplying the link.