Blockchain in the Years to Come

Since no one can completely predict the future, we don’t know what will happen to blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the years to come. Will its future be positive, or negative? But whatever it is, the only sure thing that we can say is that there will be both negative and positive outcomes for this industry. Nothing is perfect, anyway.

But let us see a few of the predictions that the experts have to say about blockchain:

  1. Distributed Ledger Technology in Governments

Dubai has already vowed to replace all its government systems with DLT-based structures in 2020. This indicates that it will not be long until other countries follow. DLT provides trust via its security and transparency via its unchangeability and this is what governments need for all its citizens to hold onto.

  1. Independent and Incognito Trades

All blockchain transactions are pseudonymous. It’s only possible to analyze transaction flow, but not possible to connect with real identities. This makes transactions for people more private. In the future, this feature will bring more independence to the blockchain industry.

  1. Growth and Stronger System

The blockchain technology continues to mature and developers continue to innovate. We have to be ready to grasp that there is a possibility that all peoples of the world will be using it in daily activities in the future since it has all the potentials to help the economy, business and the society.

In the end, it’s undeniable that blockchain’s powerful technology has no limits. And its positive or negative future depends on how we use it. We can only hope for bigger industries to act responsibly and use it in the right way.

It would take me longer than I want to spend on this to write down the limitations that come to mind for blockchain, because they are numerous. If SAFE Network launches and works as expected, the only reason for using a blockchain will be that it’s not worth replacing an existing blockchain system that’s functioning adequately. So it won’t die out completely, but it will be far better to implement secure ledgers on SAFE Network, without the limitations of blockchain.


People, society, corporations … are basically inert.
It must have a prerequisite, a reason for a change to happen. Something must happen to get people out of their safe way.

Bitcoin will stay for its economic supply and network effect. Btc will be the standard in which prices are laid. Yes its slow and transparent but who cares, a wrapped bitcoin in safe will make it useable. Even wrapped btc in eth works now which improves speed and lowers fees.