Blessed-contrib challenge - CLI dashboard for SAFE stuff

Check out this neat software for creating a dashboard of graphs and status displays in the terminal.

I think it could be both useful and a way to impress and draw people into playing with SAFE, especially now we have the CLI.


  • What would you like somebody to build with this?

  • Anyone fancy having a go? This could be a neat CLI project.

The same guy made a web version too called, wait for it…

More on the author’s blog:


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Waa it really has that “Wargames” look :smiley:


That looks like something from the cold war era, quite cool. I would want someone to build a dashboard that give stats about, up/download speed, request response time, latency and storage used/free, request success rate and uptime. It would also be cool to have a little “Matrix” movie feel about it.:slightly_smiling_face: I think It would be good for motivation to have feedback about important stats.


And if it is in rust then we can maintain the static compilation (MUSL) and have stand alone binaries :wink: GitHub - fdehau/tui-rs: Build terminal user interfaces and dashboards using Rust


This is really cool guys. Great finds! A perfect lightweight feature to bundle with the safe-cli. Just call “safe view” or “safe see” :wink: from the command line and walla!


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