Blendle - useful data on paying for content models

Some encouragement here for micropayments and tipping models to pay content producers.

The payments here are higher than would be possible with a divisible coin, 30c to $1, but seem to be working for high value content (opinion pieces, but not news). On SAFEnetwork, we should definitely try this model out too.

Can we be persuaded to pay for online news?


Ohw, these Dutch folks are so innovative isn’t it :wink:

I’m a member for some time now. I can read any article from any magazine or newspaper here in Holland for about 30 cent. Sometimes even less. It’s quite popular here, websites link to the article on Blende. You pay some money upfront and read what you like. Quite a great model.


I wonder if client-side “enforcement” would be enough on SAFE. The network doesn’t natively support paywalls, so either one would need to introduce a payment-server, or one merely programs in the paywall in the client-side code. Yes, that could be hacked/circumenvented, but I wonder how much that would happen. These articles on Blendle can easily be pirated as well. In the end everything can be pirated, it only has to be marginally more convenient to pay a “fair” price and a lot of people will.

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Great thing on SAFE is that you can pay someone under a second. So it should be possible to create something that says: “Here are 4 lines of an article, click here to pay to read them all”.