Blend of Exchange and App Store

It’s so easy to add content, apps, and pages to the SAFE Network that adoption will be fast.

This sentence got me thinking.

Would it be a good idea to have safecoin exchanges that are part app stores also?
For people that want to buy and sell the actual safecoin, go ahead! But what if you also had safe services and apps with $ prices displayed and have the safecoin equivalent managed by the exchange in the background. In this way, I could register a credit card and buy apps and services.

There will be people who want access to some of the advantages of the SAFEnetwork but won’t be comfortable going through the 2 steps, buying safe coin with cash, then again buying services with safecoin.

Could be as simple as skinning an exchange or an app and having a user login and top up their app storage balance, while in the background they are really buying and immediately spending SAFECoins and so contributing to the cost / maintenance of the network.

Mixing credit cards and real world financial information could remove some of the anonymous
advantages of the SAFEnetwork, but would keep many other advantages intact. Perhaps, no more personal info leakage than current maidsafe exchange purchases.

Hope I’m making sense.


Good idea! :bulb: