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Given the recent discussion in the What’sUpToday topic I created this new topic titled BlahBlahBlah. (Sorry for the lack of creativity :sweat_smile:)

WhatsUpToday was created with the intention of building up a space in the forum where the interests of many users could converge into one central point.
Recently a consistent series of political posts appeared in the topic resulting in creating provocative discussions, heating up the atmosphere and moving users’ interests away from the WhatsUpToday topic.
This is not what it was built for.
WhatUpToday covers many topics which can range from tech, privacy and security to social, economic and also political. However, it’s important to underline that it was not created to debate and discuss on users’ political view but to enrich them with news/info and feed their interests.
So this means that if you want to post some social/politics stuff on it you should just report news (on what’s happening today), not express your view or opinion.


Macron announced a number of new gathering restrictions and some future obligations for certain categories. Among the news communicated there is the compulsory vaccination for health personal and for people who come into contact with the most fragile subjects for work. There is also a date: by September 15, health personnel will have to complete the vaccination procedure, otherwise they will incur economic sanctions.
A notable change from the past is that on health pass/green pass. In fact, from 21 July it will be necessary to prove that you are negative through the green pass in order to access any event with more than 50 people, only those under 12 are exempt.


Here it is BlahBlahBlah where on the contrary, you can debate and discuss about every social, political, religious etc topics. This is created to let users interact and express their view/opinion in a civil way.
One rule. Don’t impose your idea on others.
It’s more useful to listen to others’s opinion instead of forcing owns.

I hope that you’ll all find this idea useful. Let me know what you think about.
— Just an experiment —


@Southside you seem to be understanding about fascism, imperialism, the plight of Assange. Then why are you so willfully ignorant about this so called pandemic and these frankenshots that they call vaccines? Can’t you see that this is the ultimate fascism that is made real now because the current tech enables it? Why is that not consistent with a left perspective?

Or are you being played like a banjo to the theme song of “Deliverance”?

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Because I do NOT believe COVID was man-made. I totally agree that governments have taken full advantage of the situation.
The virus is real, does not care one way or another for ideologies and the ONLY way to defeat the virus is by vaccination, masking and reducing social contacts for as long as it takes.
You have every right to be cynical but your right to cynicism does not trump my right to health. Nor does your (or anyone elses, lets not make it personal) decision to fly in the face of science and good public health by refusing a vaccine make you anything other than a self-centred sociopath.
Now please do not take any of the above as personal, cos its not. I am talking in the general case.


I will expand on why it is extremely unlikely that COVID was produced in a lab.

There have been victims in Israel. Quite serious numbers of victims. That’s the clincher.

Please take covid discussions to the topic set aside for it.


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