Bittrex - Maidsafe wallet maintenance


Is anyone else experiencing ‘Wallet maintenance’ when trying to purchase Maidsafe on Bittrex? It’s been like this since yesterday. I was wondering if it has something to do with my banking details or if everyone is experiencing this too.

If everyone else is experiencing this then I hope it is not a regular thing.



They regularly have wallet maintenance

Seems like when the price of Maidsafe is low. Sounds about right :slight_smile:

Might be worth opening an account with one of the other exchanges that facilitate MAID.


I may have to if it continues being a diva. Poloniex was a real pain in the butt with its non ending of verification processes. The more accounts I open the messier it gets. As a simple man I like to keeps things simple. Lets hope Bittrex get their arses in gear. If not I’ll take a look at the remaining four on the Maidsafe page.

Out of HitBTC, Livecoin, Yuanbao and Curex…which one is more user friendly peeps?


You can still buy MAID with wallet maintenance with Bittrex. You will need to type in the MAID symbol under the bitcoin markets field. You just won’t be able to move them away from the exchange when the wallet is under maintenance.


Ahh yes thanks for that. Nice one LoveMaid91!


I would advise caution against trading on Bittrex. They have blocked withdrawals to many users for months now. Despite reassurance that only few traders were affect. well guess what, my withdrawals are blocked as well. Now if you give them you ID to unblock the withdrawals, the latest news is that those data have been leaked. So forget about even complying with KYC, something I would not do regardless of security or lack of it.

Also, I would not recommend any other centralized exchange. Use Bisq or Shapeshift maybe. Or keep your bitcoins as they are the only true valuable assets out there.

Ohh dear…that doesn’t sound good. Does anyone else have negative experiences of Bittrex … such as blocking withdrawals? Cheers Maidinscotland.

ya Im under age so I can’t verify my identity. To make withdrawals you need to have id verified but thats ok with me because I prefer staying in cryptos. MAID TO THE MOON BOIS

Let’s wait and see Bnuse.

I’ve now read the Bittrex reviews…hmm made me wish I done my homework prior to depositing into Bittrex. Apparently it is a nightmare on taking your money out. I’ll have to cross this bridge when I get to it. Hope it isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

Hi transformer,
I’ve never had any problems withdrawing from bittrex. I have been using it since august this year. I find it one of the easier exchanges to use. Hope it goes smoothly for you.


Yo Skinnywytedude…

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am actually going through the enhanced verification process as I type now. I wished I did all this before moving BTC into it / purchasing coins. I ought to have down my research / reviews prior to rushing into all this crypto currency stuff.


Hi guys and gals,

Can anyone tell me how long it took them to complete their enhanced verification on Bittrex? It’s been … 12 hrs and I’m still in the verification stage…sighhh. My mate said it took him around 2 - 3 hrs. Hmmm.



It took me about 50 mins. And that was just this morning.

On Poloniex I asked enhanced verification 7 months ago and still not ok.
Not that I really need at this moment and it is probably a good idea to do it in smaller parts, should something go wrong (or multiple exchanges).
But they don’t even give feedback why it maybe is not possible or when it will be solved.
And it is not that I didn’t ask or made extra support tickets. So I think I have valid reasons to find their support very bad, even taken into account they have a lot of new users.
So those 12 hrs are not that bad.

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I did my enhanced at polo, have not used it for a few months signed in recently and I have to do it again. They are a mess.

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MAID wallet at Bittrex is back up.
Hopefully PDC follows soon.


Lucky you :slight_smile:

Yeah I noticed this too. Took there time eh.