Bittorrent Project Maelstrom

Closed BETA, Bittorrent webbrowser - decentralized web browsing


Interesting browser, yet I don’t see that bittorrent will be able to construct a cohesive infrastructure.

This is because each file has to be held by people, and they might need to own the file to host it…

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Those guys are falling behind in the area they invented.

I know some people may feel differently, but “sharing” my IT resources (which I don’t get for free) without a built in means of monetization this doesn’t appeal to me at all.


BitTorrent’s secure web browser one step closer to release

Project Maelstrom Enters Beta

Distributed Browser Expands Test Group, Introduces Developer Tools In December we announced the release of the alpha version of Project Maelstrom and shared our vision for a distributed web. It’s a vision for the Internet that we’ve long held at BitTorrent; we believe its a necessary innovation to sustain a truly neutral, content-friendly network.

At that time we asked, what if more of the web worked the way that BitTorrent does? Project Maelstrom aims to answer that question with a web browser that powers a new way for web content to be published, accessed and consumed.

Since December, we have learned a lot. We also have established a growing community of testers, developers and publishers. More than 10,000 developers in fact, and an additional 3,500 publishers, looking to share our vision of how the Internet can work. These are technologists, academics and researchers. These are start-ups, agencies, and visionaries. And these are the people who will help us build the next 20 years of the Internet.

Today, Project Maelstrom enters its next phase by expanding our group of testers and by offering a new set of developer tools.

Our test group will be expanded with the introduction of the Project Maelstrom browser beta. This is an open beta for Windows users and by empowering the browser with a distributed protocol we open a better future for publishers, creators, and users. And we do this while offering a more efficient, scalable and cost-effective alternative to HTTP.

The latest release also introduces the first developer tools for Project Maelstrom, empowering publishers and developers to leverage the efficiency of BitTorrent technology in their content and interactive experiences. Today we’re expanding access to everyone so that tomorrow we will have a sustainable, content-friendly Internet, powered by people.

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Build the Future of the Internet with Project Maelstrom

Today marks the next step toward a distributed web with the beta release of Project Maelstrom. With Project Maelstrom, we aim to deliver technology that can sustain an open internet; one that doesn’t require servers, that allows anyone to publish to a truly open web, and that uses the power of distributed technology to scale efficiently.

Let’s start building the future together. Here’s what’s new since the alpha release:

  • Improved stability
  • Support for auto-update
  • DHT visualization for users when loading torrents
  • Developer publishing tool

The developer tool for publishing will help you build for Project Maelstrom easily, even from the command line. This will streamline the process for creating and publishing content for other users to access while using Project Maelstrom. For more information, check out the project on Github.The new beta of Project Maelstrom has the ease of use of a browser, with all of the power of BitTorrent technology. We hope you enjoy building with it.

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If this browser is gaining traction, it seems to me that in addition to torrent delivery of content, it makes sense to have built in access to the distributed decentralized SAFE Network as well. If of course they will allow that plug in or protocol to be added to the browser… I might download the beta and give it a whirl…

I just tried it, so basically it’s a Chrome browser that uses magnet links to access torrents without one having to start another app. Okay, that’s fine, but I’m not exactly floored.
And as @dallyshalla mentioned above, people have to find a place where the torrent is hosted.
To be honest I find it quite unsettling that it’s possible to access both the Web and these contents from the same app at the same time. Maybe they can “jail” it later (e.g. in case of MaidSafe, I’d open a “jailed MaidSafe tab”), but for now it’s very confusing and potentially can damage one’s privacy or security.

This content browsing is what MaidSafe will do as well, but they key term here is as well - in addition to a bunch of other things.

@janitor You don’t need to monetize as long as you can reliably feel you get as least as much as you contribute for participation. If that is the case, monetization is unnecessary overhead.

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