BitTorrent New Decentralized Web server/site Beta

Join the People-Powered Web

Today marks the next step toward a distributed web with the beta release of Project Maelstrom. With Project Maelstrom, we aim to deliver technology that can sustain an open internet; one that doesn’t require servers, that allows anyone to publish to a truly open web, and that uses the power of distributed technology to scale efficiently.

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Stiiiiiill waiting for the Safe network. But I’m glad there is another decentralized web. The more the better!


Cheers to the BitTorrent team. The different stuff they’re doing is quite cool.

And multiple secure networks is a great thing to have. Doesn’t have to all be one, though the SAFE Network will probably be off the launch pad and into orbit before this gets off the ground. Still, they’re doing great stuff, it looks like.

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I downloaded and installed the Maelstrom app (looked genuine enough and hopefully without viruses). Looks like a web browser. I don’t know yet how to use it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Neat, URLs like bittorrent:// can be used in the Maelstrom browser in addition to ordinary URLs.

I’m keen to try this as well, need to wait for the OSX beta.

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“More interestingly, though, is the ability to view static websites hosted in the BitTorrent network: there are tools available
to create and seed simple pages into the network, which people can find
using a torrent link. There’s no central server for the pages – they’re
pulled from those seeding the site for you.” –

Static websites can be accessed with bitorrent://hash/path and without the need for a tracker it seems. I wonder if dynamic content will be possible later, or is BitTorrent too slow for that?