Bittorrent Building P2P browser?

This sound like fun :stuck_out_tongue:

An invite-only Alpha to help build the distributed web.

It started with a simple question. What if more of the web worked the way BitTorrent does?

Project Maelstrom begins to answer that question with our first public release of a web browser that can power a new way for web content to be published, accessed and consumed. Truly an Internet powered by people, one that lowers barriers and denies gatekeepers their grip on our future.

If we are successful, we believe this project has the potential to help address some of the most vexing problems facing the Internet today. How can we keep the Internet open? How can we keep access to the Internet neutral? How can we better ensure our private data is not misused by large companies? How can we help the Internet scale efficiently for content?

The power of distributed technology that underpins BitTorrent and all of our products has long been an example in this regard and bringing more of this power to the web is only natural as these challenges loom.

Please join us in this project, become a fractional owner of this new Internet and help us shape the future of our network.


[Read the story on Techcrunch][1]

There a few things to keep in mind here

  • It won’t be as secure as Maidsafe, security is not even the goal it seems
  • You’re not a share holder
  • I don’t think it will make you money
  • Bittorrent can be blocked, I don’t know if that’s the case with Maidsafe

There are more things but…

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Aye, not as extensive as MaidSafe. It’s still nice to see multiple projects that at least recognize the same kind of problems with the current internet. For me it comes clearer by the day that there is great demand for this kind of thing.

If SAFE can deliver the advertised features and offers a painless and intuitive user experience, very exciting times are ahead.


Can sign up for Maelstrom Alpha today

hits on Google

Bit Torrent 45 million
Exxon 28 million
MaidSafe 88K

Go SAFE. The talk coming of Bit Torrent right now is that they really do want to build the next net and break the grip of Gate Keepers on our future. These goals seem perfectly aligned. I understand that ProjectSAFE needs to incubate and get past its own alpha first but to me its seems that ProjectSAFE may be exactly what they are looking for. And Bit Torrent may be a ready made group of users for ProjectSAFE. Well fingers crossed. Not all marriages are made in heaven.

It’s in beta now for Windows

Have fun experimenting