BitTorrent Bleep Download

Maybe some of you want to try out BitTorrent Bleep closed alpha test.

You can download it here, but it’s windows only for now:



All bitorrent products are closed source.

Sorry I forgot to mention that… But always use these kind of software with an OpenMind.


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IMO closed source is fine (why not and for many things it’s OK), but I got 20 messaging apps already, I can’t really be bothered downloading and updating that stuff, not to mention the worst party of all which is persuading other people who also have 20 messaging apps to download one more…

Richard Stallman would disagree lol.


A really well timed contribution @hamiltino We have had a quandary internally in MaidSafe for a while over the 1% thing. People say we can sue then for using SAFE, which of course is 100% wrong, it’s GPL we can do nothing to stop people using it. Great Richard emphasises what free means, I fear, especially in the crypto community just now its all money in terms of freedom and never actually freedom. Another story.

Anyway, we were thinking of just going BSD on the whole codebase, allowing large companies to just use the code and forget the whole 1% thing altogether, its a distraction. I feel the patents are totally valid though as a defense for any devs working with SAFE. Imagine coding on top of SAFE and infringing some other patents, people will be delighted we were there first to protect this area. To me its not the code now we need to protect, but what it may grow into etc. An important thing to consider.

Anyway there was debate at the board meeting about licensing and how to make is simpler and bsd was discussed, this video clearly shows though that of the two options, pure BSD or GPL with a possibility of non free license then perhaps GPL is best, where folks we work with get the freedom they want.

OF course with other discussions here, if we just made everything GPL then it would be hard for malicious apps to take hold? Lots to consider, we are looking all the time for the simplest possible way for the system to be used by as many people as possible.

Its ongoing and may rage for many years to come though I think. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the reminder! very worthwhile.

Need to stop thinking about this, its a religion/politics battle and can go mad, but it is a constant source of concern for us that we get this right. Do we even want closed source apps at all on SAFE, can we afford to not let them (at the moment its no problem for anyone to do this via the free license)? lots of questions and not many answers. A humongous win for us is that people can earn safecoin for building apps so perhaps do not need to keep secrets. Argghhh I have started again, I really really need to stop now. Cheers!!


I completely agree that there shouldn’t be a 1% fee. I have been meaning to write something about this but hearing that you are changing your mind about the subject is very encouraging.

I have a feeling that it will only make unnecessary friction in transition from the old internet to SAFE which is something we should avoid and as you said there is really no way to actually make them pay up.


I completely disagree that you guys should not ask a 1%. A 1% is a joke compare to all the years that you have been working hard to make this great platform. In my opinion everybody working on Maidsafe should be a Billionair. People who improve the world like you guys and set people free deserve a good vacation & some time out. It’s not that money is super important in life, but your forced to have it to move around.

I WILL SELL ALL MY MAIDSAFE COINS if you guys don’t keep your idea of the 1%. Imagine a company like Google getting this code in there hands, they would just use it to turn into the first worldwide government. Your 1% should be 50% to be honest. I love Maidsafe because it’s the internet that we should have had all the time. People talking like you should dismiss the 1% should get a realitycheck. Tesla never ever got the change to realize his dreams/works. It’s unacceptable to me to have another great project for humanity go to waste, because the CREATOR was not BUSINESSMINDED enough. When you make something like Maidsafe the world needs to be gratefull. Because our current internet is a JOKE, ssl is a JOKE, even the computer system we run and our privacy is a JOKE.

If somebody even for a second try to say that the 1% is unacceptable. Try and do what @dirvine and his team did (FOR ALL THESE YEARS). When somebody works this hard for the world, they should be able to profit from it.


The 1% is just a cost of doing business. Why not. I mostly agree with @19eddyjohn75’s comment below:

  • Both business and all other users it ought to be acceptable.
  • Personally I would much rather see MaidSafe humanitarian initiatives and projects financed from the 1% (or 2% or 3%, if what’s left after paying bills from the 1% is not enough) so that the Network can operate on free market principles, rather than give up on the 1% and use MaidSafe software to create various incentives and policies inside the Network (which I see as mission-creep-prone and highly undesirable). (I am not sure if this approach is legally or otherwise possible, so this idea may be stupid).
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The core team recieve 5% of all safecoins, which could still make them billionaires :smile:

I would rather maidsafe core team increase their safecoin stake from 5% to lets say 10% than to have that 1% fee revenue model. A higher stake would motivate the team more to improve and maintain the network. Maidsafe will also become builders and farmers which will also bring in safecoins.


Yes this is true, thanks for your kind words everyone. This particular aspect though is one I would love to see reduced and fast. If we can amortise the core dev across the planet it will be safer. If we received less than 1% of core dev tokens we will have a better network I Think.

I would prefer MaidSafe be put in a position of app dev quickly and be forced to innovate further there. As well as some additions to core (AI/shared Intelligence/Compute/Distributed microkernel OS etc.) I know Viv has some amazing ideas for apps and I am pretty sure he will be leading that team to roll out fast, so we should be fine as an app dev. I am totally committed to increasing core though with some of what I have mentioned.

Would love to see core dev somehow automated. At the moment the core safcoin should only earn at 50% of the app dev rate over time. It needs to spread out to many more teams.


Maidsafe core devs will be the most prestigious, coveted and (why not) most lucrative position in all of IT

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What happened with this?

5% is still allocated to core developers?

And that was because of greed and money. The rate should be whatever will spread the system the fastest. Google will not become the world’s top government as long as it business model is still based on interrupting people and stealing their attention and private data by ratcheting up the cost of monopoly gateways its lured the public into. Cash in and even early investors shouldn’t influence the decision. It should be based on what’s best for the world and nothing else. It a survival proposition, its about peace and a livable world where justice and mutual/collective wins can increase instead of die out.

Who would want to invest in infrastructure not knowing that he can profit from it?
Everyone would instead prefer to decide what’s “best for the world” (and by pure coincidence, for the deciders, as seen by the wonderful income stats for Washington DC).

Sounds like an answer to me or the start of one.

Sorry @dirvine , I was trying to reply to @janitor and delete post wasn’t coming up.


Bittorrent Bleep is now LIVE
Read about it

I like their mantra:
P2P: No cloud, No leaks, No metadata

I hope the SAFE Networks messaging comes with no metadata

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