Bitsquare now has Altcoins support

Hey party people now also has Altcoins support, should we ask if they include Maidsafecoin or just wait till we have our shiney SAFEcoins?

Read about it here

Here is a fun video explaining the new happenings.

Hmmmm for those who didn’t know, is a real decentralized exchange, which enable it users to send eachother bitcoin/altcoins for fiat and vice versa. The payment methods that they’ve added also makes it super fun (OKPay, SEPA, AliPay, Swish,…).

We’re on the look out for SAFEX, but Bitsquare is also showing the way, to how we can have fun.


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It would be fun to also let Manfred add, Maidsafecoin SEC and CLIKE

I have put up a buy and sell offer for MAID on bitsquare. MaidSafe Coin is listed on BitSquare

It took a little tinkering to figure it out, but very quickly I have seen the light with this application that packs a punch. Wow, bitsquare is going to change the world. I know SafeX will be out of this world, but BS is up and running now and in all its glory.

Everyone should install and get it running to see how the future of decentralized trade works…love it!!!

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