Bitgur - cryptocurrency heat maps and MAID real time price

Dear SAFE Network users, is pleased to announce the launch of our realtime market data and rankings for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. MaidSafe Coin is here:

Very fast and useable mobile version
Live stream prices
Excelent performance report
Market heat maps
Several interesting filters. For example we can show only waves tokens.

In the near future:
Alerting system
ICO list
Free public API
Feedback and suggestions are welcome and encouraged.



What calculation are you using to generate the price at the top of the webpage?

The markets listed below have prices above and below $1.00

Edit: Its just now your site is showing $0.96 and coinmarketcap is showing $0.89


Nice site.

In the description of SAFE it says blockchain platform, the word blockchain should be removed as it doesn’t use a blockchain.


Excellent spot.

Anyone with suggestions for what could be used instead.

“First truly distributed crypto network”


Hello! Tnank for feedback.

We use the weighted average. Sometime our data may differ from competitors. We don’t know that mathematic model they use but we use traditinal scientific method.

Prices in markets and pair section are caсhed. And price at the top of page is real time. So difference may be.

Realy, there was one small bug with one of exchanges. Thanx you. We fixed it and now price in Bitgur and Coinmarketcap is similar.


Ok, we will do it. Could you advise better short description for SAFE? 4-6 words. This description is showing on first page in tooltip.


Global Autonomous True Decentralizing Internet Redesigned.

As for Blockchain-related terminology exactly, Safe will use “close-group consensus” (instead of Blockchain consensus)… which I wonder if can be branded differently some day, like Section Consensus, or something entirely different that’s more technically accurate (rather than me just making up a phrase, right there and now). But close-group consensus is here for now.

“The World’s First Autonomous Data Network”

because that is the description on

Best to keep things congruent/same, to encourage a clear consistent message,imo


Thank you. I changed old short description to your version.

we have two updates:

  1. Sorting added to the lists…
  2. Most coins now have a small tooltip. You must mouse over on the name of coin to see some words which describe this currency. This works on home page.

And we have added 4 new big exchanges:

  1. Binance - 208 markets.
  2. OKEX - 108 market.
  3. Huobi - 84 markets.
  4. Liqui - 174 markets.

Really interesting post.

Could you please explain me about ICO rating calculator?? I am waiting for the answer

There is missing XRB which is for over a week in top 20 list. Its looks like, you use data only from few exchanges and if some coins are not there you ignore them.
So than BTC dominance 35% vs 33,8% (coinmarketcap).

  • As it is copy, there is missing info about period of time for graph for each coin on homepage. aka “Price graph (7d)”.

Must read this link:

This link really helps a lot in learning more about ICO rating calculator.

Crypto Currency Heat Map

Please change…

From this: |Token| |Blockchain platforms|

To this: |Token| |Datachain platforms|


Or perhaps ‘Close Group Concensus’ or even ‘Scalable Concensus’.

If I wanted to peek somebodies interest in what different about SN and blockchain I think it would be best they learn about its concensus mechanism before Data Chains.



I’d be surprised if David did not choose the term ‘Data Chains’ as a way to differentiate.

|Token| |Datachain platforms| makes sense in this context, as its acting as a tag.