Bitfinex Hacked


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Don’t worry. I was only royally screwed by this.

The odds of me developing a arbitrage bot and using this exchange to test quick deposits/transfers when it experiences it’s first hack ever have to be like millions to one right?

Did you just confess being the hacker here? :wink:

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…let me just go quick check my balances…

:confused: sorry man this hurts to hear

shit man this isn’t looking too good for me.


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some hype going around this guy is the hacker:

Electronic currencies face considerable pressure from state and non-state actors alike. It is difficult to tell, but I think most of the negative activity as of late is ‘timed’. Like the hack of the DAO as Ethereum grew to $20, Mike Hearn’s commentary earlier this year. It seems there is a steady effort to tarnish the name of and prevent capital flow to cryptocurrencies.


Not a fan of today but I am definitely looking forward to the Safe Network and decentralization. No need to really say that I am very happy that you guys are taking your time to make sure that it works.

If centralization wins, then no one wins but outliers and nepotism.


I agree with you, time for the safe network and also to start supporting bitsquare


Could somebody please explain the process of getting MaidSafe Coin without using an exchange.

Thanks in advance.


Create a wallet with a wallet provider that got privatekey and 2FA, you can buy Maidsafecoin with If you got bitcoins you just send bitcoins to the address that shapeshift gives you, you’ll then receive Maidsafecoin on the address of your wallet provider. That’s the quick answer.

Which wallet provider to use? Well that’s the tricky part that I have to dig into a little bit more.

Do you know if Coinbase has privatekey?

Thanks for the quick response buddy.

It’s really hurtful to hear that, this is basically bad for all of us.

These attacks will keep growing until we start taking security serious. Usernames & pass words without 2FA is just asking for trouble. If me keep the old login mechanisms soon we’ll even have these trouble on the SAFE Network.

If you look at exchanges, this is just the best decentralized option at the moment. A few months ago I emailed the developer (Manfred) if he could add altcoin wallets, because at the moment you can only store bitcoin with bitsquare. He told me that adding altcoins, is a little tricky (more wallets, more weight to the exchange). You can make a backup of your bitsquare files, but it’s…

There is also the problem of your word seed

Best practice with bitsquare is creating a zip file of your backup and upload it to a safe storage online + writing down your word seed and the wallet date. But bitsquare without 2FA is also dangerous. I even hinted that he could launch bitsquare on the SAFE Network, who knows in the future it might happen, but he’s really busy and a one man show :stuck_out_tongue:

No they don’t. does (I’m not saying use, but they got 2FA)
Omniwallet + counterwallet gives you your privatekeys but they don’t got 2FA (which is not good practice).

Before you do anything please do some research first… AND NEVER KEEP YOUR COINS FOR LONG ON AN EXCHANGE.

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So finding a wallet provider that offers both 2FA and privatekey is the challenge. It’s like most offer one or the other, but not both :frowning: offer both. The thing is, when you create a blockchain account and you send your Maidsafecoins there, you should NEVER move those coins unless the SAFE Network is up and running with a wallet that provides the needed security. It’s also consider work to get this up and running, most important thing is that you keep your privatekey safe and enable 2FA before you even think about doing something else.

If your a trader this is not the ideal solution, but I’m not giving traders advice.

Not a trader. I am a fan of SAFE and will be holding long term :slight_smile:

Good to hear. I got my maidsafecoin address on my email, everytime I can get some new shiney coins I just send the coins to that address, but I never access the wallet through, it’s not really needed and it’s only exposure. You can check your balance through everytime you send new coins. Keep in mind it can take time (hours/days) before they show up. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s. also enable 2FA on your email

119,756btc lost, sick

If this is not a clear sign to devs to create apps with security first approach then I don’t know.

Sorry to hear that, man… I hope your funds will be recovered, and that Bitfinex will not go down in flames like Mt Gox.