H! all,

We’ve started an paid image upload project. For just € 2.10 or € 4.20 (double image), we will upload your image/link on our website

In addition to this you’ll also get 21 coins, which can be sold at a later stage to people who also want to upload their image/link. Of course you can also win € 21 if your image is our favorite picture per 100 pix. Yeah yeah there is also a € 1.05 per person referral program, so you can make up to € 105 with this.

The idea is simple: introduce people to cryptocurrency through pictures. Right now we’re using Counterparty, it would be nicer to use coloured SAFEcoins.

Here is the moral of this story, when you pay with Maidsafecoins/SAFEcoins you only pay half the price. :kissing_heart:

For now it’s just an experiment.